Aeroshell Piston Engine Oil

With over 18 years experience we ship aeroshell piston oil to over 100 countries. Flightstore is an Aeroshell Authorised resllers of piston engine oils for Aviation use. AeroShell aircraft oil is widely used in General Aviation with everything from straight mineral oil to the very latest synthetic multi-grade oil available

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For optimal aircraft engine performance, it's absolutely vital to be on top of the demands of a modern aircraft. Aircraft engine oil should be ever present on your aircraft shopping list, and investing in a reputable, trusted brand, such as AeroShell piston engine oil will represent a wise purchase in the long run.

Why piston engine oil from AeroShell is among the world's best selling aircraft lubricants.

Aeroshell piston engine oil is among the premier aviation engine oils on the market. AeroShell piston engine oil's advanced formula benefits from a rigorous and thorough testing procedure, and has been meticulously crafted to care for your aircraft whilst pushing the boundaries of performance.

When it comes to first-rate piston engine oils, we're able to offer a huge range of official AeroShell piston engine oils to match your aircraft's demands. Choose from premium Aeroshell engine oils from the AeroShell sport line, which have been carefully optimized for smaller, lighter 4-cycle piston engines.

The AeroShell W80 and AeroShell W100 lines have been developed with aviation piston engines in mind, and feature cutting-edge ashless dispersant oil and an effective combination of specially formulated non-metallic additives and high-viscosity index based oils; resulting in superior performance.