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Aeroshell Oil 100 - 1 USQ Bottle
Aeroshell Oil 100 - 1 USQ Bottle
Aeroshell Oil 100 - 1 USQ Bottle
Aeroshell Oil 100 - 1 USQ Bottle

Aeroshell Oil 100 - 1 USQ Bottle

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AeroShell 100 Oil - 1 USQ

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AeroShell straight mineral oils, including AeroShell Piston Engine Oil 100, are blended from selected high viscosity index base stocks. These oils do not contain additives except for a small quantity of pourpoint depressant (which is added when improved fluidity at very low temperature is required) and an antioxidant.

This AeroShell Oil is approved for use in four-stroke (four-cycle) certified aircraft reciprocating piston engines (except Porsche) and other aircraft radial engines which use oil to specification SAE J1966 (MIL-L-6082) and which do not require use of an oil containing a dispersant additive.

AeroShell Piston Engine Oil 100 is used primarily during break-in of most new or recently overhauled four-stroke aviation piston engines. The duration and lubrication recommendations for break-in vary, so operators should refer to the original engine manufacturer and/or overhaul facility for specific recommendations.

It is possible to run engines permanently on straight mineral oils but, as straight mineral oils do not contain any additives, they tend to cause deposits to form in the engine. The "W" ashless dispersant oils contain an additive that is designed to keep particles separated so that they do not congregate to form a large mass. Elaborate precautions are not needed when changing from straight mineral oil to AeroShell W Oils, since both types of oil are compatible with each other.

Other AeroShell stright mineral oils are available, differentiated by a numbered suffix. The suffix for each grade corresponds to the viscosity of the oil at 99°C (210°F) in Saybolt Universal Seconds. 

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