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Aeroshell Oil W80 - 1 USQ Bottle
Aeroshell Oil W80 - 1 USQ Bottle
Aeroshell Oil W80 - 1 USQ Bottle
Aeroshell Oil W80 - 1 USQ Bottle

Aeroshell Oil W80 - 1 USQ Bottle

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AeroShell W Oils, including AeroShell Piston Engine Oil W80, were the first non-ash dispersant oils to be used in aircraft piston engines. They combine non-metallic additives with selected high viscosity index base stocks to give exceptional stability, dispersancy and anti-foaming performance. These additives leave no metallic ash residues that can lead to deposit formation in combustion chambers and on spark plugs, which can cause pre-ignition and possible engine failure.

AeroShell W Oils are intended for use in four-stroke (four-cycle) certified reciprocating piston engines, including fuel-injected and turbocharged engines, but are not recommended for use in automotive engines. For automotive engines converted for use in aircraft, the specific engine manufacturer or the conversion agency should be consulted for proper oil recommendation.

Although some aircraft engine manufacturers and rebuilders/overhaul agencies suggest in their service bulletins the use of straight mineral oil in new or newly overhauled engines, other rebuilders or manufacturers, especially for such engines as the Lycoming O-320H and O/LO360E, allow either ashless dispersant or straight mineral oil for break-in, whereas ashless dispersant oils are mandated for break-in for all turbocharged Lycoming engines. Operators should check with engine manufacturers or rebuilders for the correct recommendation for the specific engine and application.


  • Promote engine cleanliness
  • Help keep engines sludge free
  • Help reduce oil consumption
  • Help engines reach TBO (Time Between Overhaul)
  • Protect highly stressed engine parts against scuffing and wear

Other AeroShell W oils are available, differentiated by a numbered suffix. The suffix for each grade corresponds to the viscosity of the oil at 99°C (210°F) in Saybolt Universal Seconds.  

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