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AeroShell Turbine Engine Oils (TEO) have been formulated in conjunction with engine manufacturers to ensure that all properties and needs are covered. Aeroshell Turbine Oil 500 provides exceptional thermal stability, will help improve your engine’s performance and be the reliable choice you need.

At Flightstore, we have a range of Aeroshell turbine engine oils that are designed to enhance the performance of your aircraft’s engine. Its range of engine oils alongside engine manufacturers to provide full coverage and effective aviation engine oils. 

Aeroshell Turbine Engine Oil (TEO)

We offer everything from litre bottles to oil drums, ensuring that you can find the correct quantity and match to meet your aviation needs. Within the Aeroshell Turbine Oil range, you will find AeroShell oil types 308, 390, 500, 555 and 560 that offer superior performance and will keep your engine clean and operating smoothly.