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Aircraft Fuel Testers

Aircraft fuel testers can provide information on possible fuel contamination, one of the most common explanations for engine failure. Flightstore’s range of aircraft fuel testers are designed to fit all major aircraft fuel drain valves for a clean and straightforward operation. The range of aircraft fuel testers also includes specific models that fit your fuel tank’s exact size.

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Ensure that your aircraft engine doesn’t fail from fuel contamination with one of the fuel testers available here at Flightstore. The range of aircraft fuel testers includes models that are suitable for all major types of aircraft fuel drain valves and engine specific testers for your aviation model. The easy to use testers give a direct readout which makes the testing process easier. 

Aircraft fuel testers reduce spillage

The selection of aircraft fuel testers within our range are tried and tested, and reduce the chance of fuel spillage, probe breakage and fuel contamination. By visually checking the fuel for water or debris, you can ensure that fuel contamination doesn’t occur within your aircraft engine.  The selection of brands includes J-AIR, Design4Pilots and Pooleys. 

Protect from engine failure with regular aircraft fuel testing

By testing your fuel, you can ensure that your engine doesn’t get contaminated. A contaminated engine is the leading cause of engine failure, so by regularly testing your fuel, you can be confident that your aircraft is healthy and running smoothly. You can purchase aircraft supplies here at Flightstore, which includes oil filters and other aircraft maintenance products.