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Flight Simulation Controls and Software

Explore our selection of flight simulators and equipment to enjoy a realistic flight experience in the comfort of your own home. Flight simulators can recreate various scenarios so you can fly highly-detailed light planes or larger jets that look and feel incredibly realistic.  Whether you’re a seasoned pilot looking for a refresher, a beginner pilot looking to practice, or just looking for the perfect present for an aviation enthusiast, enjoy our flight simulators and controls from Flightstore.

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How do flight simulators work?

Primarily used to train pilots, flight simulators artificially recreate the experience of flying an aircraft and the environments that affect it. With similar controls used to fly the aircraft - pedals, throttles and yokes - pilots or enthusiasts can practise flying a plane in different wind speeds, various temperatures, rain and lighting conditions. With different types of software available, find the right type to suit your needs. 

Flight simulator controls and hardware

Flight simulator controls and hardware are essential to recreate the cockpit experience fully. With a full selection of simulator controls, you can purchase yokes, pedals, throttles and joysticks to enhance your simulation. Flightstore also offers gaming headsets with comfortable padded headbands and microphones for online games.

Flight simulator software and add-ons

Our impressive flight simulation selection has options to suit everyone with flight simulators for PCs and Macs and Microsoft flight simulators. Once you have set up your flight simulation, you’ll have the options for add-ons designed to further your cockpit experience, with additional missions and airports to choose from. Whether buying for yourself or as a unique gift for aviation lovers, discover the full range at Flightstore today.