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Wind & Weather for Pilots

Here at Flightstore, we offer an extensive range of wind speed meters to ensure that you have instant access to weather information for your flight. You will find an array of anemometers that can inform you about wind speed, temperature, and act as a compass. You will also find informative weather guides that explain cold and warm fronts as well as clouds.

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Whether you need to know the current wind speed or simply require access to a pocket-sized weather station, Flightstore’s range of wind speed meters is here to provide reliable information.  The range of anemometers will allow you to make safe and informed decisions regarding the weather conditions for your flight.

Handheld wind speed meters and anemometers

Keeping an anemometer handy is essential to understanding wind speed conditions that may affect your flight. Our handheld wind speed meters will quickly and easily measure wind speed and deliver digital results - great for those gathering aviation weather data, and useful for anyone taking part in outdoor sports and activities that may be affected by the wind! Some of the wind speed meters within the range can be used as a compass or a thermometer.