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ADS-B Receivers for Collision Avoidance

ADS - B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast) receivers provide greater accuracy for monitoring aircraft position than conventional radar surveillance; meaning that precise information can be transmitted to ground controllers & other aircraft in order to avoid air to air collision. 

The uAvionix SkyEcho Portable ADS-B transceiver is one such device that provides pilots & air traffic controllers with 'pin point' positional information for collision avoidance. 

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The Benefits of ADS-B

Using satellite & transponder (GPS) technology ADS-B can provide the following benefits to pilots: 

  • Enhances flight safety & collision avoidance
  • Enabling more aircraft to operate safely in the same airspace & reducing congestion
  • Better routing to save time & fuel
  • Provides the potential to have a 'live traffic' picture within the cockpit