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Airband Radios & Radio Accessories

Flightstore offer a wide selection of airband radios from reputable brands including Uniden, Icom and Intek. Airband radios are essential for aircraft safety and vital for any power loss situations. Many pilots incorporate their airband radio into their standard flying kit and we are pleased to offer a wide selection at great value prices. Whether you are looking for a handheld device, a desktop radio or a base scanner, we offer a variety of different styles to ensure that there is something for everyone.

Flightstore also offer a selection of accessories and add-ons for airband radios including replacement batteries, carry cases and headphones to make sure you are fully prepared for anything. Each of the airband radios available to buy online offer a range of modern features including high search rates, clear screens and the ability to save channels. For more essential cockpit supplies take a look at our selection of transceivers, all available to buy online today.

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Uniden UBC-125XLT Airband Radio
List: £139.95 Now £119.95 ex VAT: £99.96
Uniden UBC-75XLT Airband Radio
List: £109.95 Now £99.95 ex VAT: £83.29
Uniden EZI-33 XLT Airband Radio
List: £65.00 Now £50.00 ex VAT: £41.67
Icom IC-R6 Airband Radio
  £235.00 ex VAT: £195.83
Icom IC-R20 Cloning Software and Cable
  £95.00 ex VAT: £79.17
Icom IC-R6 Cloning Software
  £40.00 ex VAT: £33.33
Icom Lithium Battery for IC-R20
  £54.50 ex VAT: £45.42
Icom Carrying Case for Icom IC-R20 - LC158
  £23.50 ex VAT: £19.58
Icom BC-07 Wall Charger
  £18.50 ex VAT: £15.42
Icom FA-S270C Antenna for Icom IC-R6
  £23.50 ex VAT: £19.58
Icom AD-92SMA Antenna Connector IC-R6
  £8.50 ex VAT: £7.08
Icom 12v Charger Cable
  £25.99 ex VAT: £21.66
Icom OPC-474 Cloning Cable
  £15.50 ex VAT: £12.92
Icom OPC-478U USB Cloning Cable
  £56.50 ex VAT: £47.08
Icom MB-98 Radio Belt Clip
  £15.50 ex VAT: £12.92
Icom Airband radio in-ear Headphones
  £14.99 ex VAT: £12.49
HF Airband Frequency List
  £16.95 ex VAT: £16.95
UK and Ireland Pocket Airband Frequency Guide
  £7.75 ex VAT: £7.75
UK and Ireland Airband Frequency Guide
  £12.95 ex VAT: £12.95
France Airband Frequency Guide
  £7.95 ex VAT: £7.95
The UK & Ireland Waypoint Directory
  £8.75 ex VAT: £8.75
Atlantic Airline Routes 12
  £12.95 ex VAT: £12.95
Polar Airways Routes & Waypoints
  £8.95 ex VAT: £8.95
Worldwide Airline Routes
  £16.95 ex VAT: £16.95
Calling Shanwick
  £12.95 ex VAT: £12.95
Airport & City Codes
  £16.95 ex VAT: £16.95
Directory of Airline Codes and Callsigns
  £16.95 ex VAT: £16.95
Guide To ACARS
  £14.95 ex VAT: £14.95
Aircraft Spotters Logbook
  £5.00 ex VAT: £4.17
Aeronautical Radio Logbook
  £9.99 ex VAT: £8.33
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