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Icom IC-R15 Airband Radio
Icom IC-R15 Airband Radio
Icom IC-R15 Airband Radio
Icom IC-R15 Airband Radio

Icom IC-R15 Airband Radio

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The IC-R15 is a handheld communications receiver that allows you to listen to various radio signals including aviation and Amateur and marine between 108 - 500 MHz in AM/FM modes. It also allows you to listen to radio broadcasting between 76-108 MHz (WFM). This receiver features an intuitive user interface making it easy even for beginners who want to get straight on to listen to what is on the air. Equipped with various other functions including simultaneous reception of two signals and high-speed scanning the IC-R15 will also satisfy the more experienced enthusiasts who already enjoy receiving and listening to radio signals.

Dualwatch Operation
The Dualwatch function* enables receiving various signals at the same time. While receiving on A Band, it is possible to scan B Band, so you never miss a chance to capture signals. For example, you could listen and receive on the movements of two different aircraft at the same time.
* Simultaneously receive VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF, and VHF/UHF band combinations.

Large Colour LCD with Simple Icon Menu
The IC-R15’s large colour LCD provides excellent visibility for all the information displayed. Together with the graphical icon menu, this make the IC-R15 extremely intuitive to use and easy to understand the displayed received information, broadcasting station, airport names and so on.

Simple Mode
Frequencies are registered by category in simple mode. You can receive signals by simply selecting the frequency that you want to listen to. By registering frequencies that are often listened as favourites, it is possible to access them more easily.

Intuitive user interface for ease of use.
The multifunction key supports smooth access and selection of each function. Together with the frequently used SCAN and SKIP keys that are allocated independently provide ease of operation. Add the highly visible colour display provides intuitive operation and you have all the tools to quickly identify your target signal.

Save your Audio to a microSD Card
A built-in recording function enables simultaneous recording of two signals and saves the received audio on a microSD card as a WAV file. Even if you miss the audio, the recorded audio can be played back on the IC-R15 or on your PC. Information such as frequency, mode, S-meter, and time (user setting) can also be recorded with the audio and so you can find out later when the audio was recorded.

Built-in Bluetooth Function
The built-in Bluetooth function removes the inconvenience of cabling headsets and earphones, allowing you to concentrate on your scanning.
*Bluetooth connection has not been tested for all Bluetooth compatible devices with this product. This does not guarantee that all devices will work with this product.

IPX7 Waterproof Construction
The IC-R15 features IPX7* waterproofing and pro-grade construction so it can be used in outdoors at airports, around the coast or out when the weather isn't so good.
* Submersible in 1 m depth of water for 30 minutes.

High Speed Scanning of 150 Channels per Second
A built-in High-Speed Scan of 150 channels per second (in VFO mode) allows you to quickly capture radio signals.

Various Scan Functions Include
・Full Scan・Band Scan ・Program Scan・Auto Memory Write Scan ・Memory Scan・Skip Scan・Tone Scan ・Link Scan ・Group Scan・Group Link Scan・Favourite Channel Scan

Receiving Only Audio Signal*
The VSC (Voice Squelch Control) function automatically skips undesired signals such as control signals, unmodulated signals, and receiving only voice communication in scanning. You can use the VSC together with various other signalling functions.
*In FM / FM-N mode

Chargeable with a USB Type-C Cable
The USB Type-C™ terminal on the side of the IC-R15 enables you to charge from an external battery even if the internal battery runs out.

Operation Time
Approximately 13 hours* of operating time is provided with the BP-278 Lithium-ion battery pack.
*AF10% distortion with external speakers (8 Ω load)

Other Features
• USB/SD storage
• Power Save function
• Auto power OFF function
• Battery level display function
• Key lock function
• Monitor function (Cancelling squelch)
• CTCSS, DTCS with reverse tone squelch function
• Frequency shift function
• Auto squelch function
• Selectable tuning steps (13 Types)
• Squelch monitor function
• RF attenuator
• ANL function
• Temporary skip function

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