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Pilot Supplies

Flightstore are a leading supplier of quality pilot supplies and equipment, offering everything from flight planning software to GPS & iPad accessories. Whether you are a qualified pilot or currently in training, the right pilot supplies are essential when taking to the skies. With a wide selection of top name brands including Jeppesen and My Go Flight, you are in the right place for the best quality supplies. Browse the full pilot supplies range today and find the right match for your aviation needs, with free delivery on UK orders over £90, what better time to order from the UK’s number one pilot shop?


Flightstore offer a wide range of pilot charts including CAA UK charts and Jeppeson VFR-GPS charts, designed to simplify cross border navigation. We also provide a number of plotting charts, accessories and flight planning software, ensuring that you do not have to look anywhere else for quality pilot supplies. 

Flight Guides

We offer a wide selection of critically accurate and up to date flight guides available to buy online. Whether you are looking for VFR UK, VFR European or IFR Aircraft flight guides and manuals, we are confident that you will find exactly what you need at Flightstore today. 

GPS & iPad

With more and more pilots choosing to take their iPads into the cockpit, Flightstore are pleased to offer a wide selection of iPad accessories. From kneeboards to mounts, this section is designed to make accessing important information in the cockpit easier than ever. We also offer a range of GPS systems and accessories, ideal for those looking for quality navigation tools.

Pilot Headsets

Browse the full range of pilot headsets including airline pilot headsets, passive headsets and even children’s headsets for the younger generation looking to taking to the skies. With top name brands and affordable prices, Flightstore is the perfect place to find the right match for you.

Pilot Equipment

Make sure you are fully prepared for flight with our range of essential pilot supplies and equipment. We offer everything from flight bags and cases to stopwatches, logbooks and binoculars all at competitive prices.

Pilot Safety

Stay safe with our selection of pilot safety supplies. Ensuring that you have everything you need in case of an emergency is vital and with everything from life rafts and jackets to torches and survival equipment available to buy online, it is a great time to make sure you are fully prepared. 


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CAA 1:500,000 Southern England and Wales - Ed. 42
  £15.95 ex VAT: £15.95
CAA Northern England and Ireland Chart Edition 39
  £15.95 ex VAT: £15.95
CAA Scotland Chart - Edition 31
  £15.95 ex VAT: £15.95
CAA Northern Scotland West Chart
  £15.95 ex VAT: £15.95
CAA Northern Scotland East Chart
  £15.95 ex VAT: £15.95
CAA Northern Ireland Chart
  £15.95 ex VAT: £15.95
CAA Borders Chart
  £15.95 ex VAT: £15.95
CAA Central England Chart
  £15.95 ex VAT: £15.95
CAA England East Chart
  £15.95 ex VAT: £15.95
CAA West and South Wales Chart
  £15.95 ex VAT: £15.95
CAA England South Chart
  £15.95 ex VAT: £15.95
VFR France 1:1,000,000 Chart - 2016
  £14.95 ex VAT: £14.95
NavTech Enroute IFR Charts 3N/3S Scandinavia
  £9.00 ex VAT: £9.00
Jeppesen IFR Enroute High Level Charts Jeppesen E(H) 1 & 2
  £8.95 ex VAT: £8.95
Jeppesen IFR Enroute Low Level Charts Jeppesen E(LO) 3 & 4
  £8.95 ex VAT: £8.95
Chart Ruler Short
  £5.95 ex VAT: £4.96
Chart Ruler Long
  £7.50 ex VAT: £6.25
Chart Flexi Ruler Short
  £4.50 ex VAT: £3.75
Chart Flexi Ruler Long
  £5.50 ex VAT: £4.58
Blind Spot Aviation Ruler
  £21.50 ex VAT: £17.92
Nav-Aid Plus for Sec 1:500,000 Charts
  £13.95 ex VAT: £11.63
CPM-1 Ground Speed Calculator
  £7.99 ex VAT: £6.66
Compass Dividers
  £13.50 ex VAT: £11.25
Compass Rose Pack of 10
  £6.95 ex VAT: £5.79
Time Scale & Calculator
  £16.95 ex VAT: £14.13
Protractor Square - Commercial Pilots
  £7.50 ex VAT: £6.25
Protractor Round
  £6.95 ex VAT: £5.79
Protractor Square
  £7.95 ex VAT: £6.63
Protractor - Square White Border
  £7.50 ex VAT: £6.25
Protractor Round - Flexi Plastic
  £5.50 ex VAT: £4.58
Protractor Square - Flexi Plastic
  £5.50 ex VAT: £4.58
Jeppesen PN-1 Plotter
  £13.95 ex VAT: £11.63
Jeppesen IFR Enroute Plotter
  £13.95 ex VAT: £11.63
Jeppesen PJ-1 Rotating Plotter
  £12.95 ex VAT: £10.79
ASA CP-1LX Ultimate Fixed Plotter
  £16.50 ex VAT: £13.75
ASA Instrument Plotter
  £13.95 ex VAT: £11.63
ASA CP-MLX Ultimate Micro Plotter
  £10.50 ex VAT: £8.75
ASA CP-R Rotating Plotter
  £12.50 ex VAT: £10.42
ASA CP-RLX Ultimate Rotating Plotter
  £15.95 ex VAT: £13.29
Rotating Plotter - Flexi plastic
  £9.50 ex VAT: £7.92
Flightstore FVP-1 All In One Plotter
  £8.95 ex VAT: £7.46
Bearing Position Calculator
  £12.50 ex VAT: £10.42
Nav-Aid Rule for Sec 1:500,000 Charts
  £11.95 ex VAT: £9.96
RNP-1 Plotter
  £9.50 ex VAT: £7.92
RNP-2 Fast Reading Plotter
  £8.50 ex VAT: £7.08
TNP-1 Plotter
  £10.95 ex VAT: £9.13
Jeppesen Approach Chart Pockets
  £7.95 ex VAT: £6.63
Jeppesen Chart Organiser with 30 Pockets
  £25.95 ex VAT: £21.63
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