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Icarus Jaguar GR3 XX748 Reclaimed Metal Mini Model

Code: ICMM009
Brand: Icarus
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Product Summary

Presented in one of our Icarus Originals hinged boxes complete with certificate of authenticity, this mini model has been cast using material recovered from Jaguar GR3 XX748.

Presented in one of our Icarus Originals hinged boxes complete with certificate of authenticity, this mini model has been cast using material recovered from Jaguar GR3 XX748.


The Jaguar GR3 XX748 was an Anglo-French jet attack aircraft designed to assist both French and British air force efforts in close air support and nuclear strikes. Although originally conceived in the 1960s as a jet trainer with a light ground attack capability, the Jaguar GR3’s immense capability soon transpired into a supersonic performance, reconnaissance and tactical nuclear strike aircraft which played host to many battles.

The jaguar has been exported to India, Oman, Ecuador and Nigeria integrated within various air forces and utilised in extensive conflicts and military operations on a grand scale. Most notably, the Jaguar GR3 provided a ready nuclear delivery platform to the United Kingdom, France and India during the tense 1950s and 1960s, with the Cold War creating a suspense and tense atmosphere post-war, with nations crafting aviation models that would embody their dominance and power on a global scale. The Jaguar was also incorporated within the Gulf War, playing a pivotal role as a valuable coalition resource and heavily praised for its reliability during this era.

The aircraft served with the French Air Force as the main strike/attack aircraft until 1 July 2005, and with the Royal Air Force until the end of April 2007.

Plaque Size 80mm Long x 45mm wide


Icarus Originals was founded by two engineers with a military aviation background who wanted to know what happened to globally iconic aircraft after they’d touched down on their final flight. The end result was the Icarus Originals range of authenticated aircraft products which since 2018, has given people around the world the opportunity to own a premium, handcrafted, unique piece of history.

With a focus on aviation, the company has partnered with museums and preservation groups to help tell the story about the UK’s rich global aviation heritage. They’ve done this through their work in creating products melted down from portions of such legendary aircraft such as the fastest ever Concorde, the last flying Avro Vulcan and the once ubiquitous Boeing 747.

Icarus Originals celebrates the iconic craft that have defined transportation in the last 100 years, by blending the very latest technical innovations with the highest quality British craftsmanship in order to create a  selection of unique, premium products

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