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Plain Chains Boeing B-29 Keychain - Steel #42-24791
Plain Chains Boeing B-29 Keychain - Steel #42-24791
Plain Chains Boeing B-29 Keychain - Steel #42-24791
Plain Chains Boeing B-29 Keychain - Steel #42-24791

Plain Chains Boeing B-29 Keychain - Steel #42-24791


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Now is your chance to own a piece of the most advanced and influencial aircraft of World War Two; the Boeing B-29 Superfortress.     Don't miss out on these Plane Chains! This edition is limited to just 1500 keychains crafted from the skin of Boeing B-29 Superfortress #42-24791 otherwise known as "The Big Time Operator". To learn more about this very special edition, visit our blog.    

These keychains are 3.6cmx8.8cm in size, they feature the original wear and tear of the aircraft, and are laser engraved with aircraft details. The combo pack comes with 3 keychains in total. 1 bare metal, 1 patina and 1 chain with rivet holes.     To custom engrave your Plane Chain, click here. 

The Boeing B-29 Superfortress was an American heavy bomber developed and operated during the Second World War. The B-29 saw extensive use in the Pacific Theatre, and is famous for being the only aircraft to have ever employed nuclear weapons in combat; a decisive action which led to the end of the Second World War.     
Today, just two airworthy examples of the B-29 remain, along with a handful of static displays.

Our B-29; 42-24791, otherwise known as “The Big Time Operator” is a special B-29. “The Big Time Operator” was built and entered service in 1944. She was assigned to the 1st Bomb Squadron and flew 46 combat missions over Japan throughout 1945. Her missions ranged from striking strategic infrastructure like aircraft factories, to naval mining operations. “The Big Time Operator” is accredited with downing not one but two Japanese aircraft via its defensive turrets. 



After World War Two upon returning to the mainland United States, “The Big Time Operator” made its final flight to the China Lake Naval Weapons Station where she sat in the desert sun for nearly 40 years as a ground target. Eventually both the nose and tail sections from “The Big Time Operator” were recovered from Chian lake before the rest of the aircraft was scrapped.


These Plane Chains are crafted from the skin of the tail gunner section of 42-24791. The Plane Chains team was extremely fortunate to obtain the section, which had mostly damaged, otherwise unusable skin. Our team couldn’t be more honoured to give such an incredible aircraft a second chance to be appreciated in the hands of collectors.


Plane Chains are crafted from the skin of a real aircraft. Scratches, dents and other imperfections may be present on your Plane Chain. These imperfections are what make Plane Chains special, they are a testament to this Plane Chains past life as a real aeroplane.

Product images seen online are meant as a reference only, the Plane Chain you receive is randomly selected and may not look exactly how it does online since no two Plane Chains are the same. 

This edition consists of skin thicknesses ranging from 1mm-2.5mm, Plane Chains are randomly selected.



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