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RANT XL Radio Aids Navigation Tutor
RANT XL Radio Aids Navigation Tutor
RANT XL Radio Aids Navigation Tutor
RANT XL Radio Aids Navigation TutorRANT XL Radio Aids Navigation TutorRANT XL Radio Aids Navigation TutorRANT XL Radio Aids Navigation TutorRANT XL Radio Aids Navigation Tutor

RANT XL Radio Aids Navigation Tutor

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RANT XL Release 4 is the latest, fully Win 7 and Win 8 compatible version (also XP and Vista) of the Radio Aids Navigation Tutor and provides all the ground training a trainee pilot, who has never seen a VOR or NDB, needs to progress to being able to navigate the most complicated radio-aids navigation task - whether en-route or in the terminal area.

Here is a completely re-engineered package which contains the tutorials and exercises that have made RANT so popular as a training tool but which has many new features and has been brought right up-to-date with photo-realistic instruments, including the Bendix/King Silver Crown range, and actual en-route, approach and departure charts, in association with Jeppesen Sandersen Inc.


Included in RANT XL and RANT Flipght Planner is a GAZETTEER which allows sophisticated, cross-referenced searches of the map database. There's also a wind component calculator, a conversion calculator and a map editor enable the user to make amendments/additions to the map database.

In both packages we've included GPS connectivity via your Serial Port. If you have a Garmin GPS you can  upload and download routes, tracks and waypoints. Download your GPS track and watch your flight's progress using RANT's playback facilities.


RANT Flight Planner

Included the the RANT XL package is the RANT Flight Planner - a fully featured navigation planner for use in conjunction with RANT XL. Using the same database as RANT XL you can enter your navigation route, either in a table or graphically and let the program calculate all the headings, times and fuel remaining. You can input a wind profile and RANT will calculate the wind for each leg. RANT Flight Planner allows you to edit your route route, moving turning points and inserting legs. A diversion finder finds a suitable airfield and plans the leg for diversion as well.

You can print a full VFR or IFR pilots log (PLOG), and an ICAO Flight Plan can be produced for the trip and edited on-screen before being printed out. Ever wondered how to decode a TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast) or METAR? The weather decoder will help you here. RANT Flight Planner can be configured to reflect your aircraft-s performance as well as weight and balance. So once you have set up the program for your own particular aircraft all you have to do is enter the waypoints and the wind and RANT Flight Planner will take care of the rest - print it out and then you fly it using RANT "¦all on-screen. This facility is extremely useful for those about to embark upon an Instrument Rating Test as you can practise the routes on the computer beforehand.

RANT Met Viewer

Also included the the RANT XL package is the RANT Met Viewer - a text and graphic interface that allows you to download weather information from around the world in TAF and METAR form and then translates it both into readable English and displays it graphically using the NATO colour code system.

You can set the program up to download METARS for your local area on a regular basis and to display them in a mini-window on your desktop; thus giving you an 'at a glance' view of the weather in your area throughout the day.

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