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Aircraft Powerplants
Aircraft Powerplants
Aircraft Powerplants
Aircraft Powerplants

Aircraft Powerplants

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This up-to-date guide contains all the information you need to master the operation and maintenance of aircraft engines and achieve FAA Powerplant certification. The book offers plain-language explanations of all current engine components, mechanics, and technologies. This tenth edition features expanded coverage of turbine engine theory, operational procedures, maintainability, engine systems operation, and propeller systems. You will get new examples, exercises, and practice exam questions as well as revised content to align with 2022 FAA regulations. Hundreds of detailed diagrams and real-world examples throughout illustrate each topic. In addition, an up-to-date solutions manual is available online.

Aircraft Powerplants: Powerplant Certification, Tenth Edition covers:

  • Aircraft powerplant classification and progress
  • Reciprocating-engine construction and nomenclature
  • Internal-combustion engine theory and performance
  • Induction, supercharger, and turbocharger systems
  • Cooling, exhaust, and lubrication systems
  • Basic fuel systems and carburetors
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Reciprocating-engine ignition and starting systems
  • Operation, inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting of reciprocating engines
  • Reciprocating-engine overhaul practices
  • Principal parts, construction, types, and nomenclature of gas-turbine engines
  • Gas-turbine engine theory and jet propulsion principles and efficiencies
  • Gas-turbine engine fuels and fuel systems
  • Turbine-engine lubricants and lubricating systems
  • Ignition and starting systems of gas-turbine engines
  • Turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft engines
  • Gas-turbine operation, inspection, troubleshooting, maintenance, and overhaul
  • Propeller theory, nomenclature, and operation
  • Turbopropellers and control systems
  • Propeller installation, inspection, and maintenance
  • Engine indicating, warning, and control systems

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