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AFE PPL Book 3 - Navigation & Meteorology
AFE PPL Book 3 - Navigation & Meteorology
AFE PPL Book 3 - Navigation & Meteorology
AFE PPL Book 3 - Navigation & Meteorology

AFE PPL Book 3 - Navigation & Meteorology


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Private Pilot Licence Series Volume 3 - Navigation & Meteorology the third book of the JAA PPL series the emphasis is again on practical and safety related advice, beyond merely covering the exam syllabus and theoretical material.

Profusely illustrated throughout with many full colour diagrams, illustrations and photographs, the meteorology section has been written with the assistance of the Met. Office, and includes the latest advances such as interpreting satellite pictures and Internet services. The navigation section includes detailed and fully-illustrated information on how to plan and conduct a VFR flight, including an illustrated map reading flight and the latest map symbology. Radio navigation theory is also covered together with all other JAA PPL syllabus requirements. The navigation section also shows the reader how to fully integrate navigation and meteorology for accurate pre-flight planning and safe in-flight decision making.

Overview of the full course

The PPL Course Series In its original edition, first published in 1994, the PPL course series quickly became standard issue at the majority of flying schools and clubs training for CAA courses. Their accuracy, clarity and user-friendly approach was widely acclaimed and their fresh and modern approach to their subject matter made them a favourite amongst student pilots and instructors alike.

Now being published in their second edition, specifically re-written to reflect the JAR syllabus, the PPL Course Series continues to be the most up-to-date series available and is now the only set of publications that completely and accurately cover the JAA PPL course syllabus. Furthermore, AFE follow a publishing policy of restricting the print run of each book to the minimum commercially viable, meaning that amendments and updates can be incorporated into reprints as quickly as possible, rather than waiting up to a couple of years to publish new information. Moreover, this is the only series written by a JAR Flight Instructor (FI), which is why more and more FTOs are changing over to the PPL Courses series. .

Comment: PILOT Magazine

"Jeremy Pratt has managed to do it again, to produce a comprehensive, up to date and eminently understandable book for the student pilot. His approach to the Meteorology section is totally fresh, using current thinking on forecasting and discarding a lot of the now-outdated half-truths about frontal systems, thunderstorms and turbulence that litter less well-researched textbooks for student pilots. For this section alone I would deem this book a worthwhile purchase for many PPLs (not to mention CPLs and ATPLs) who may still be labouring on under some of the Met misconceptions"

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