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Perrone Aerospace Ink Remover - 59ml
Perrone Aerospace Ink Remover - 59ml
Perrone Aerospace Ink Remover - 59ml
Perrone Aerospace Ink Remover - 59ml

Perrone Aerospace Ink Remover - 59ml

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Perrone Ink Remover eliminates most ink and pen stains from finished leather surfaces. It can also help get rid of lipstick and other stains. This specialised formula is safe for use on leather finished with a topcoat system.

  • Removes ink pen marks from leather. Please note, after 2 days pen marks cannot be remover, be sure to clean as soon as possible.
  • Removing ink stains from clothing or other items is never easy. When you need to remove ink from leather—we can help.
  • Ballpoint pen and leather surfaces, or personal leather goods, just seem to go together—and the result can be an ink stain.

All Leather Maintenance, a division of Perrone Aerospace, specializes in products to deep clean, condition, and preserve fine leather goods. Because we know leather—and ballpoint pens—we offer you expert advice and products to help you remove ink, and other stains from leather.

How should you remove ink from leather?

While there are many home and proprietary remedies suggested to remove ink from leather, it is important to understand a few things about your leather before you try to remove ink, or other serious stains. Leather is animal hide that is treated in several ways to give it durability, beauty, and texture. From books, to bags, to aviation, leather is a popular and effective material and surface treatment for an endless number of goods.

To maintain leather, or to remove a stain, like ink, it is important to know what type of leather you are working with. Different processes, treatments, and materials are used to create leather for different types of products.

Is your leather finished or unfinished?

To find the right remedy to remove ink from leather, determine whether your leather is finished or unfinished:

  • Finished leather has a protective topcoat that helps to deter staining and wear.
  • Unfinished leather does not have a protective coating, and is more susceptible than finished leather to stains and signs of age.

Determine whether your leather is finished or unfinished by applying a drop of water to the leather. If it beads up—your leather is probably finished. If the water is absorbed, it is probably not finished.

Use All Leather Maintenance Ink Remover to wipe away ballpoint pen

For finished leather, our proprietary Ink Remover lifts or improves ink, lipstick and other stains on your leather without harming the topcoat of your upholstery, purse, or personal leather item. Perrone’s Refining Billet is a must-use product for dry ink and other stains. Using these products is easy:

  • Apply Ink Remover to the area and wait three to five minutes
  • Gently remove the ink and remaining chemicals with a cotton swab or clean cloth
  • For dry ink, set stains and soiling on leather, genuine and synthetic suede, Nubuck and other fabrics, use our Refining Billet along with a genuine horsehair brush to remove stains and restore the nap of fine upholstery.
  • Repeat if needed—dried and set ink stains in leather cannot usually be removed with a topical cleaning solution

When you need to remove ink from leather, we have over one hundred years of experience to help you achieve the outcome you want. Choose high quality All Leather Maintenance products to help you protect, preserve, and enjoy your leather products.

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