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ASA The Complete Multi-Engine Pilot

Brand: ASA
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Product Summary

The essentials of a complete multi-engine training program with study questions, written exam, and syllabus. Covers the aerodynamic fundamentals that govern multi-engine flight.

This is the fourth edition of a book pilots have been relying on to learn multi-engine flying for more than 20 years. Learn fundamentals of flying multi-engine airplanes and the aerodynamic laws that govern multi-engine flight under Bob Gardner’s experienced and energetic tutoring. "By following Bob Gardner's sage and enlightening advice... the challenging task of becoming a proficient and knowledgeable multi-engine pilot will become easier and more understandable." (from the Foreword by Barry Schiff).

Included is information on both obtaining the multi-engine rating and checking out in a new twin. An integrated flight and ground syllabus details the program for the rating, and provides a sample written test, typical of the one used for new-aircraft checkouts. Also contains a complete library of FAA source material on multi-engine flight subjects. The Complete Pilot Series is designed for use in flight schools, for home study, and as a base for student kits.

Bob Gardner's textbooks have been in publication since 1985 and are continually updated and expanded to keep up with FAA regulations and procedures. Mr. Gardner writes in a conversational style that is readable and comprehensive, bringing the reader to a greater understanding of the material. All his books are reinforced by the caliber of personal experience that integrates technique and procedures with mastery. The Complete Pilot Series is designed for use in certified flight schools, for home study, and as a base for student kits. The Complete Multi-Engine Pilot, Fourth Edition contains a glossary and extensive appendices, and is indexed and illustrated.


A word from the author

IAs an aviation educator, I have amassed quite a collection of books, magazines, audio tapes and videotapes. I have subscribed to just about every aviation publication available during the past 20 years, and I can't visit a pilot supply store without buying at least one book. My library includes a wide variety of federal publications available to the public and some that I have scrounged from friends in the FAA.
I must admit, then, that the methods and procedures discussed in this book are not new, unique or original; with the exception of the zero side-slip theory, there is nothing new in the aerodynamics of multi-engine flight and the handling of emergencies. This text is a synthesis of the ideas of many authors as I have absorbed them over the years, moulded and shaped by my own experience as a pilot and instructor. My thanks to all of the pilot authors whose words and thoughts have contributed to this book.I am fortunate that Les Berven, the FAA engineer whose research on zero side-slip forced changes in multi-engine training, is based right here in Seattle. Mr. Berven has checked the text to be sure that it accurately reflects his findings and has contributed invaluable information based on his experience as a test pilot and engineer.

About the author

Bob Gardner began his flying career as a hobby in Alaska in 1960 while in the U.S. Coast Guard. By 1966, Bob earned his Private land and sea, Commercial, Instrument, Instructor, CFII, and MEL. Over the next 16 years he was an instructor, charter pilot, corporate and freight Captain, and Director of ASA Ground Schools. Currently, Bob holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with single- and multi-engine land ratings; and a Ground Instructor's Certificate with advanced and instrument ratings. He was recently awarded Flight Instructor of the Year in Washington State. To top off this impressive list of accomplishments, Bob is also a well-known journalist, and air show lecturer.

Bob Gardner's textbooks have been in publication since 1985 and are continually updated and expanded. Mr. Gardner writes in a conversational manner that is readable, comprehensive, and more importantly, will lead the reader to a greater understanding of the material. All his books are reinforced by the calibre of personal experience that integrates "technique" and "procedures" with mastery.

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