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PLB and ELT Beacons

Flightstore currently offer a selection of distress radio beacons, otherwise known as PLB and ELT systems. The systems aid in the detection and location of aircraft, boats and even people who are in distress, sending out a signal that is monitored worldwide and detected by non-geostationary satellites. If you are looking for PLB & ELT systems for your aviation needs, take a look at the full range available at Flightstore today.

We currently offer a selection of top quality systems including McMurdo PLB Systems, Ameri-King ELT systems, Artex ELT systems, Kannad ELT systems, ACR PLB systems and GME PLB systems. Whatever you need in a distress radio beacon, we are confident that you can find everything you need when you buy online today.

Enjoy competitive prices and great delivery offers on PLB and ELT systems at Flightstore, for more pilot safety products why not take a look at our selection of lifejackets and liferafts?

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McMurdo FastFind 220 PLB With GPS
  £245.00 ex VAT: £204.17
McMurdo Max G PLB With GPS
  £390.00 ex VAT: £325.00
  £259.95 ex VAT: £216.63
Kannad 406 AF Compact ELT
  £624.00 ex VAT: £520.00
Kannad 406 AF Integra ELT
  £698.00 ex VAT: £581.67
Kannad 406 AF-H Integra Helicopter ELT
  £790.00 ex VAT: £658.33
GME MT410 406 Mhz PLB With GPS and Strobe
  £330.00 ex VAT: £275.00
Ocean Signal RescueME PLB1
  £215.00 ex VAT: £179.17
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