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Pilot Flightboards

At Flightstore we are proud to offer a range of pilots flightboards from leading brands in the aviation industry such as Pooleys, Transair and AFE. Our extensive range of kneeboards and flightboards are the ideal accessory for any private pilot, commercial pilot or flying student, and make it easy to keep all your essential flight information organised and close to hand. Our flightboards come in a range of sizes and designs, from handy clipboards to folding lapboards, all expertly designed to help you keep your all-important flight papers safe and in one place.

We strive to supply pilots with the very best pilot equipment available online, you might also wish to browse our iPad kneeboards, Flight bags and cases, and RAM mounts.


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Pooleys FB2 Flightboard
  £19.95 ex VAT: £16.63
Pooleys FB3 Flightboard
  £21.95 ex VAT: £18.29
Pooleys FB4 Folding Flightboard
  £30.95 ex VAT: £25.79
Pooleys FB7 Flightboard
  £23.95 ex VAT: £19.96
AFE VB4 Flightboard
  £23.95 ex VAT: £19.96
AFE VB2 Flightboard
  £19.95 ex VAT: £16.63
Pooleys CB-DS Flightboard for Stick Aircraft
  £32.50 ex VAT: £27.08
ASA Folding Lapboard
  £23.95 ex VAT: £19.96
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