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January 21st 2016
3 min read

Four Reasons to get on board with Flight Simulation during training

We’ve all dreamt of being at the controls in the cockpit of a plane, soaring through the clouds and mastering the skies at speed - taking in iconic landscapes and being awed by the scope of the earth’s surface below. For most of us, it remains a dream, however that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to enjoy at least a slice of the action. Flight simulators virtually recreate the experience of flying through artificial means, and flight simulation programmes range from simple computer games, to full-on, immersive and lifelike conditions, integrating the same controls you’d see in a real cockpit. With virtual reality recently seeing yet another surge in popularity through Oculus Rift, we wanted to discuss the merits and various applications of virtual reality flight. For pilots across all walks of life, whether NASA employees or aviation enthusiasts; flight simulation represents the core of training and development. Here at Flightstore we’re going to talk about what we feel are the top five reasons to get started with flight simulation when training to earn your wings.


Of course no amount of simulation can ready you for the real thing, and it’s vital that a pilot has slowly built up his time in the cockpit of a real, non-simulated aircraft. However, many of the same lessons can be taught via flight simulation - communication and navigational exercises for example, can be effectively taught by flight sims. In instances such as these, learning through a simulator cuts down on the amount of time and resources being used, and can be allocated elsewhere.

Endless customisation

Throught virtual flight, you can configure your experience to meet the demands of your training course. Variables such as weather and weight load can be quickly altered and meticulously implemented into a training regime to challenge the pilot on all aspects of flight.


It’s an unfortunate reality that flight can turn extremely volatile in any given instant, flipping a situation on its head in a matter of moments. Whilst grim, it is something pilots have to be thoroughly prepared for, acting precisely and decisively as soon as a hint of danger arises. A sophisticated flight simulation programme will allow the pilot to gain invaluable, first-hand experience of dealing with anything from severe weather, instrument failure or electrical faults; without the risk.


One of the most beneficial aspects of flight simulation training, is the ability for instructors to pause the simulation at any time to provide detailed feedback and utilise software to walk the pilot through any mistakes, allowing the pilot to see exactly what went right and what could be improved upon. Replay functions will allow any maneuver to be embedded into the muscle memory of the pilot, particularly useful for flying during hectic moments under duress. We’d like to invite you to explore one of the world’s leading ranges of authentic flight simulation controls, software and avionics at our dedicated Flight Simulation department, where you can find everything from flight control systems to superb yokes and throttles - sure to satisfy the demands of even the most dedicated pilots.