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October 30th 2012
2 min read

Fit to Fly Part 2: Practice Makes Perfect

If you have decided to take advantage of one of the many Civil Aviation Authority approved PPL Training course in the UK, you may be wondering exactly what you have let yourself in for. Forget memories of Top Gun, the only 80’s motivational music you will be hearing is from your iPod as you sit studying for one of your 7 written exams. A professional PPL Training course is not all study; many of the top organisations combine practical and theoretical lessons to ensure that when the time comes, you are ready to take your licensing test. Here is a snapshot of a typical course schedule. Ground Training With 7 multiple choice exams to prepare for it is no surprise that there is plenty of classroom time and self-study hours to complete. Many CAA approved flight schools allow students to choose how they wish to complete their ‘ground school’ training. Some choose to study and pass each of their exams before they embark on the practical aspects whereas others choose to learn both sides of PPL Training together. Find a CAA approved UK flight school here. Instructor Based Flight A CAA instructor must feel confident that you can manoeuvre and fly an aircraft before you can embark on solo flights. Your flight time with an instructor will include performing take offs, climbs, descents, turns and landings whilst gaining knowledge of all flight controls. During instructor based training you will learn about practical use of flight controls, radio communication and safety procedures. Going Solo The most eagerly anticipated part of PPL Training is solo flight time. Once the instructor has decided that you are fit to take to the skies alone, you will embark on a number of solo flights along with longer cross country exercises with your instructor. Once you have completed the necessary navigation exercises, the practical flight practice cumulates with a solo cross country flight. If your instructor is happy with your flying a ‘check flight’ with a qualified examiner is booked in before the final oral and practical examination. Keep watch for our next blog where we break down exactly how many hours you need to clock in before you are ‘fit to fly’. In the meantime, why not start preparing for your examinations with our range of PPL Training Manuals?