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September 3rd 2012
2 min read

Fit to Fly: Are you ready for PPL Training?

Fit to Fly: Are you ready for PPL Training?
Have you ever sat on a plane and imagined what it would be like to actually sit at the controls? For many people the thought of taking to the skies in their own plane is the ultimate goal, however the closest many people get to an actual cockpit is requesting seats in row A during a flight. If you are serious about sitting in the pilot’s seat and flying your own plane, you can acquire your Private Pilot’s Licence in the UK. In our new blog series we look at exactly what you need to do to start your PPL Training, we will be covering both the theoretical and practical elements of the training to ensure you have all of the information you need to take the next step towards your Private Pilot’s Licence. Listen to the Professionals When embarking on PPL Training it is best to work with a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved organisation. A CAA approved instructor or flight school will ensure that you can get the flight hours you need before sitting the PPL test at a CAA accredited organisation. Discover how to find your nearest CAA flight school and what to look for when you choose an instructor. Practice Makes Perfect In order to take the PPL licence test you must meet all of the specific PPL Training practical and theoretical training requirements. Before you can take the pilot’s licensing test you must have a minimum of 45 hours ‘air time’ under your belt. In our training hours blog we break down exactly how much time you need to log in the air, and how the hours are split between solo and instructor based flight. Do Your Homework Within the PPL training requirements there are 7 written exams, therefore it is vital that you take the time to study. If you have yet to break out the text books we will take a look at each element of the written exams, from Air Law to Meteorology, we have it covered. Medical Checklist As a pilot you must be physically prepared for flying therefore it is essential that you have taken a medical test. The Jar Class 2 medical examination is a vital part of PPL Training and in order to determine whether you are fit to fly it is important that you tick all of the boxes in terms of fitness, sight and hearing and general health wellbeing. Check back next week for the first in our ‘Fit to Fly’ PPL Course Manuals series, your definitive guide to taking to the skies.