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April 12th 2023
6 min read

Everything You Need To Know About The Bose A30 Headset Release

Everything You Need To Know About The Bose A30 Headset Release

The Bose A30 headset is the latest addition to the brand’s impressive lineup, released thirteen years after Bose first launched its A20 headset.

Inspired by decades of Bose research and development, the A30 headset is certainly a more refined version of the A20, with some added technical features for a smoother experience. 

Many features distinguish the headset from its A20 predecessor; the biggest difference is that the A30 is digital, whereas the A20 is analogue.

Pilot wearing a Bose A30 Headset

Designed for use in nearly every cockpit environment, the A30 is designed to be Bose’s highest-performing, most comfortable around-ear aviation headset for pilots with a combination of comfort, audio clarity and active noise cancellation. 

The A30 will be a valuable piece of equipment for any pilot or aviation enthusiast looking for a superior noise-cancelling headset. So, just what are the key differences, and what can you expect?

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What’s in the Bose A30 Headset box?

  • A30 Aviation Headset
  • Carry case
  • 3.5 mm aux audio cable
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Control module hanger

Improved comfort with reduced clamping force

From the materials used to the design changes, there are plenty of reasons that the Bose A30 aviation headset has a quality look and feel.

The A30 has a padded headband with wires connecting the earcups and the microphone. These newly designed headband pads replace the faux fur of the A20 with foam to improve user comfort. 

The redesigned earcups have 20% less clamping force to reduce tension when worn for long periods. The soft padding of the earcups also offers more comfort when wearing glasses, allowing them to sit nicely underneath the headset without affecting any audio cancellation. 

The headset overall is lighter and has a thinner control box cable, which is less noticeable to the user. These design tweaks contribute to a more comfortable user experience, reducing tension and neck cramps, especially over long hours of flying.

Bose A30 Headset Headband

Reversible clip-in microphone

One significant and useful design change is the method used for attaching the microphone boom. While the A20 required a small screwdriver to make the change, the A30 microphone boom clips in and out, making changing the side an easy and tool-free experience. 

Simply toggle two clamps on the side of the mic and one clamp on the other side and swap the pieces over.

Bose A30 Headset Side-Swappable Mic

Noise cancellation and ‘double tap’ features

The Bose A30 has three noise cancellation modes - low, medium and high -  which can be easily adjusted with a slide switch on the battery box. The level of noise cancellation has been designed so that the headset can suit everything from modern pressurised jets to unpressurised aircraft. 

The high cancellation mode is ideal for louder cockpit environments like propellor-driven aircraft, while the medium mode is designed for business jets. The low mode is designed for commercial airliners or for pilots to communicate outside the intercom.

Also showcasing a ‘double tap’ feature, you can simply double tap one of the earcups to reduce the Active Noise Reduction (ANR) to allow for communication within the cockpit as required, whether with the copilot, cabin crew or passengers who don’t have their own headset. 

The A30 also has multiple equalisation circuits that automatically optimise the audio you’re listening to, depending on whether it’s radio, intercom or music. 

Bose A30 Headset

Bluetooth options available

The Bose A30 is available with or without Bluetooth capabilities. The A30 Bluetooth headset is able to connect to mobiles, audio systems and electronic flight bags (EFBs).

When paired and configured with the right equipment, users can get a lot more information about controlled airspace and traffic.  

Noise-cancelling microphone

One of the improved features of the A30 is the precision-focused noise-cancelling microphone. The noise-cancelling microphone provides clear communication with reduced background noise.

The microphone is designed to reject far-away noise and improve performance when used with “hot mic” systems.

Cleaner headset design

The A30 has a centre-spring headband similar to the A20, but this spring mechanism is now fully enclosed. The wires connecting the earcups and microphone are also fully enclosed, giving a sleeker and cleaner design.

Bose A30 Headset resting on the wing of a plane

Overview of the Bose A30

  • Toolless side-swappable mic
  • Less clamping force
  • The control box cable is thinner and lighter.
  • Optimised audio for enhanced communications
  • A digital headset rather than analogue. 
  • Built to the latest ARINC standards and TSO/ETSO C139a certified
  • Available in dual plug, LEMO (6 pin), XLR (5 pin) and U174 variants

Shop the Bose A30 from Flightstore

The Bose A30 headset certainly offers a step up in comfort, utility and features. Designed to cancel out noise, deliver quality communication and offer optimal user comfort, the A30 aviation headset improves upon each area of the headset rather than adding one or a few standout features.

Buy the Bose A30 aviation headset from Flightstore and shop the full range of Bose aviation headsets for a more comfortable flying experience.

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