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December 5th 2022
8 min read

Best Flight Gifts for Pilots, Aviation & Travel Lovers

Best Flight Gifts for Pilots, Aviation & Travel Lovers

Finding gifts for friends, family, and loved ones can be tricky as that special event draws nearer, so let us navigate you to the perfect gift for the aviation lover in your life.

We've curated a special selection of flight gifts for pilots, flight attendants, aviation enthusiasts and travel lovers to help you feel inspired, so you can find unique and useful gifts they'll love and use for years to come. 

Follow our flight gift ideas guide as we explore clothing, accessories, games, model aircraft and more from top aviation brands at Flightstore so you won’t have to wing their next present.

Table of Contents

  1. Aviation accessory flight gifts
  2. Flight jackets and aviation clothing
  3. Aviation-themed home gifts
  4. Flight bag and holdall gifts
  5. Watch and clock flight gifts
  6. Replica plane propellor gifts
  7. Jigsaw and game gifts
  8. Top Gun flight gifts
  9. Flight simulation gifts
  10. PlaneTags gifts
  11. Model aircraft plane gifts
Aviation cufflinks

Aviation accessory gifts

Gift them a present they can use time and time again with quality cufflinks, pin badges and tie bars to choose from. 

Inspired by different aircraft, find a stylish selection of aviation-themed cufflinks available in gold-plated and sterling silver, from special Concorde, Red Arrows and Spitfire designs to British Airways designs. The perfect finishing touch for any outfit, our cufflinks and tie bars also come in stunning display boxes, ready to be gifted to the plane lover in your life. 

For something a little more unique, our selection of pin badges offers modern and retro RAF lapel pins, airliners and company-specific pin badges that make a special gift they’ll continue to treasure.

Flight jackets and aviation clothing gifts

Flying jackets and bomber jackets make a unique gift for someone special. Blending comfort, style and practicality, these premium flight jackets are signature garments that will be treasured for years to come. Since their creation, aviation jackets have merged into mainstream fashion thanks to their sleek design and use in popular culture, like in the hit film Top Gun. 

Choose sheepskin coats for something cosy or leather jackets for a timeless aesthetic, and browse leading brands like Alpha Industries and TopGun NY. For pilots or plane enthusiasts, flight jackets are a truly special gift to have in your wardrobe.

Aviation-themed home gifts

Find fun and practical plane home gifts they’ll use and treasure for years to come. Our merry selection of Christmas ornaments includes aviation nutcrackers, stockings and tree ornaments that you can use year after year. With World War II ornaments and Flying Tigers tree decorations, find Christmas gifts to suit their interests perfectly. 

Find photograph frames, posters, prints, and retro signs for home gifts they’ll use all year round. As excellent display pieces that can be placed on side tables or hung on the wall, these aviation home gifts are ideal for aviation or travel lovers.

Pilot-style Christmas nutcracker gift

Flight bag and holdall gifts

Holdalls and pilot bags make a special but practical gift for plane enthusiasts in equal measure. Find vintage pilot bags and modern holdalls in various designs so you can tailor the gift to their interests.

With RAF bags, Airbus bags, NASA bags and Flying Tiger bags, all of our bags are expertly crafted, so you can be sure you’re buying them a gift that will last. Emblazoned with stunning logos and motifs, our flight bags will make a special gift for pilots, aviation lovers or travel enthusiasts.

An aviation clock in the shape of a plane

Watch and clock gifts

Gift a special timepiece to plane lovers, and choose from aviation-themed clocks or watches. With sleek, vintage clocks in the shape of planes, propellors or steering yokes, find a classic aviation clock that doubles as an impressive display piece. Or, find alarm clocks that mix the aviation theme with practicality. For a more personal gift, explore pilot watches in various designs and colours that include time, weather and temperature metrics, as well as offering precise timekeeping.

Replica plane propellors gifts

Replica aircraft propellors make a unique display piece to be stood up or hung on the wall. Uniquely crafted and painted with keen attention to detail, aircraft propellors replicate the character of original propellors and are made with wood to fit seamlessly into any interior decor. 

Propellors make a unique and thoughtful present for aviation lovers or pilots to give them an eye-catching display piece for the home.

Jigsaw and game gifts

Aviation-themed jigsaws and games make the perfect gift for plane lovers of all ages, who can enjoy the challenge alone or share the experience with friends and family. 

With World War I and II jigsaw puzzles to modern-day aircraft designs, find iconic aircraft and picturesque scenery puzzles to tickle their imagination and foster their aviation enthusiasm.

Choose plane play sets for younger children who love planes or aircraft construction kits for older children who enjoy getting stuck in an aviation project. 

A child's toy plane set

Top Gun gifts

Whether you’re buying gifts for an aviation enthusiast or a Top Gun lover, our impressive selection of Top Gun gifts will inspire you to find the perfect present. Crafted with the finest materials and expertise to produce high-quality, stylish jackets, Top Gun apparel ticks all the boxes. Featuring the iconic patches, browse leather or bomber-style jackets they’ll be excited to have as part of their wardrobe. 

For smaller gifts and stocking fillers, explore Top Gun mugs, keyrings, t-shirts and caps that they can use time and time again.

A snapshot from a flight simulator

Flight simulation gifts

Whether you’re shopping for a beginner pilot training for their qualification or an aviation enthusiast looking to mimic the pilot experience, our flight simulation equipment provides a realistic flight experience.

With different simulations, targetting specific aircraft and scenarios and impressive equipment, including flight simulation pedals, yokes and throttles, these flight simulation tools create the closest experience to actually flying an aircraft. 

Choose starting equipment to get them going, and you’ll have the option to gift them add-ons and controls in the future to enhance their experience.

PlaneTags gifts

PlaneTags are crafted from retired aeroplanes, turning the plane's metal into special mementoes from aviation history. The metal from the planes is hand-cut, stamped, shaped and etched into keychains, ID tags or luggage tags.

Taken from the plane’s skin - the outer surface including the wings and fuselage - from commercial jets, including Delta and Canadair, to U.S. Armed Forces helicopters, choose a piece of history to gift to pilots, enthusiasts or travel lovers.

Model aircraft gifts

Model aeroplanes are a fantastic gift for aviation lovers, showcasing impressive graphics and precise attention to detail. With intricate detailing, model aircraft will make eye-catching display pieces that they’ll use for years. From World War II models and airliners to fighter jets and helicopters, find unique models to suit their preferences. Help to add to their collection or get it started with our quality aircraft models.

A WW2 model aircraft - Avro Lancaster

Find the perfect flight gift

For those who love to take to the skies, find gifts to improve their flying experience that they can use time and time again. Or, for those who have a passion for aviation, find unique home flight gift ideas, clothing or accessories that they will treasure for years.

Explore our full selection of aviation gifts for plane lovers to browse more and find the perfect present for your loved one.

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