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Aviation Toiletry and Wash Bags

One of our most popular aviation gift categories here at Flightstore is our range of pilots toiletries and washbags. Ideal for any pilot, forced to constantly stop in hotels for overnight stays, a washbag is a practical, convenient gift idea for any pilot. Flightstore’s range of outstanding wash bags features superbly-made pilot’s wash bags constructed from quality materials and are designed to safely transport all of your toiletries, no matter where you are in the world. We also have aviation themed wash bags which showcase iconic aircraft and classic aviation scenes, these make for wonderful designs, and you can choose to purchase washbags celebrating both the Royal Airforce and the Lancaster aircraft.

Flightstore also have available exceptionally useful medical kits, which are always in demand on almost any flight and are handy to have as an emergency personal medical kit. For more outstanding aviation gifts for pilot’s, you might like to head on over and check Flightstore’s range of utility bags.

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Design 4 Pilots Pilots Convenience Personal Bag
  £19.95 ex VAT: £16.63
Pan Am Cosmetic Case
  £8.95 ex VAT: £7.46
Haynes Lancaster Wash Bag
List: £25.00 Now £20.00 ex VAT: £16.67
Kitbag Canvas Washbag Navy
  £7.95 ex VAT: £6.63
Kitbag Manicure Set
  £8.95 ex VAT: £7.46
NAA Toiletry Kit Bag
  £35.00 ex VAT: £29.17
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