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Aircraft Spark Plugs

We supply aircraft spark plus from Champion aerospace and Tempest. With the most automated manufacturing processes and the most innovative spark plugs in the aviation industry these spark plus have been the first choice for aviation technicians since the very earliest days of aviation

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19 Items

Champion Spark Plugs

Champion Spark Plugs have been the first choice of aviation technicians (aircraft maintenance technicians/ aviation maintenance technicians) since the very earliest days of aviation. When you ask a tech what spark plug they prefer and rely upon, they will most likely say Champion.

Advanced-engineered Champion Aerospace spark plugs are designed for the critical difference in performance, far beyond the ordinary. Champion spark plugs stand up to high temperatures, pressures, and deposits.

Longer lasting than platinum spark plugs, Iridium “S” plugs resist lead attack and provide better scavenging than standard platinum plug designs. Iridium “S” offers exceptional performance, even under the most demanding conditions.

As the preferred supplier of spark plugs for general aviation aircraft, Champion Aerospace designs, engineers and manufactures piston-engine ignition components for both OEM and aftermarket applications. Every spark plug manufactured has built-in design advantages that assure longer life and greater reliability

Tempest Spark Plugs

With the most automated manufacturing processes and the most innovative spark plug in the aviation industry.

High Conductivity Copper Core Center Electrode
Copper, co-extruded inside a nickel alloy sleeve ensures outstanding heat and electrical conductivity while the nickel sleeve offers high resistance to corrosive combustion gases.

Proprietary Glass Center Seal
21st century ‘fired in’ resistor replaces the multipart screw, spring, carbon pile stack up used in  competitive plugs and known to suffer from resistance value instability that can cause misfires, wasted fuel, engine roughness.

High Alumina Ceramic Insulator
High mechanical strength, superior dielectric properties, proprietary protective glaze, provides high performance to conquer severe operational conditions. “Clean Collar™” massive electrode “V” tip focuses heat to reduce fouling and enhance heat range control