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Northrop N-156F YF-5A - Grey
Northrop N-156F YF-5A - Grey
Northrop N-156F YF-5A - Grey
Northrop N-156F YF-5A - GreyNorthrop N-156F YF-5A - Grey

Northrop N-156F YF-5A - Grey

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The legacy of the Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter is indisputable, but it all began with a few prototypes. Read more about 59-4988 and its role in bringing about a fighter that has stood the test of time. Get your  N-156F/YF-5A PlaneTags today.

The F-5 Freedom Fighter is a lightweight, single seat multi role aircraft, built around two high thrust GE J85 turbojet engines. It was designed from the ground up for high performance, durability, enhanced maneuverability, easy maintenance, and at a low cost. Development began in the 1950’s with a Navy requirement for a new fighter, designated N-156, to serve smaller escort carriers. Although the Navy withdrew its requirement, Northrop continued to develop this aircraft privately.  Later, after Congress enacted the Military Assistance Program to provide low cost fighters to less developed nations, interest in the N-156F was renewed. Only two N-156F prototypes were produced by Northrop, 59-4987/8, with a third, 59-4989 being built as a YF-5A.

59-4988 was Northrop’s second F-5 prototype, and was outfitted for unimproved field operations, performing trials on grass runways with single and double tires on the front landing gear. The prototypes performed well in the MAP evaluation against other possible fighters, proving the design a success. The F-5 was chosen and production began by both Northrop and other nations under contract. The F-5 family includes the F-5A and B Freedom Fighters, Skoshi Tigers, the Tiger II, and many variants produced by other nations. The F-5 airframe was also the basis for the YF-17 and F/A-18 Hornet. Its modular approach to maintenance and upgrades has extended its life cycle for decades, and the F-5 legacy continues today.

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N-156F F-5-# 59-4988



      • Manufacturer: Northrop Corporation
      • Serial #: 59-4988
      • Crew: 1
      • Wing Span: 25 ft 10 in
      • Length: 47 ft 2 in
      • Height: 13 ft 6 in


      • Range:1,100 nm
      • Cruise Speed: 575 kts
      • Ceiling: 50,700 ft
      • Empty weight:9,583 lb
      • Max Takeoff:19,860 lb
      • Rate of Climb: 23,600 ft / min
      • Engine: Two General Electric J85-5 turbojet engines


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