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AFE PPL Licence Course Materials

Welcome to our wide range of official AFE PPL manuals. Here at Flightstore we pride ourselves on being the leading UK provider of official course guides and training syllabus resources for the most common pilot’s licences. One such license and regulatory board is the AFE PPL (Or Airplan Flight Equipment, Private Pilot’s License), and we have available the most recent editions of the relevant study materials you will need to earn your AFE PPL. Our AFE PPL training books are available as individual blocks, or, you can choose to buy the entire AFE PPL curriculum together at a reduced price with us at Flightstore.

We have AFE private pilot licence course materials to see you through your exams, with intuitive and user-friendly modules across the AFE PPL core curriculum. We have AFE PPL manuals covering the following AFE PPL modules: flying training, air law, navigation & meteorology, principles of flight, and human factors. Our AFE PPL books assume no prior knowledge, and will take you through absolutely everything you need to know, and more, with a highly visual and proven approach to aviation training.

In addition to AFE PPL manuals, private pilots might also wish to browse our selection of Oxford PPL manuals and Jeppesen PPL manuals. Find everything you’ll need to ace your UK pilot training with us here at Flightstore.

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Private Pilot Licence 1 - Flying Training
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Private Pilot Licence 2 - Air Law
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Private Pilot Licence 3 - Navigation & Meteorology
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Private Pilot Licence 4 - Principles of Flight
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Private Pilot Licence 5 - Human Factors
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Private Pilot Licence Series Volumes 1-5 Study Pack
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