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IFR Training Equipment

Instrument flight training is an important part of any pilot’s training, whether you are working towards a private pilot’s license or an instrument rating. Here at Flightstore we offer a selection of high quality IFR training equipment, perfect for those looking to pick up everything they need in one place. IFR training involves wearing a view limiting device to restrict the pilot’s vision, by focusing the attention on the instrument panel the pilot is prevented from looking outside of the cockpit for visual validation of altitude and location. Browse a selection of high quality IFR training equipment including a handy foldable view limiting device, flying spectacles and a jiffy hood. With top brand such as ASA, Jeppesen and Pooleys available, you are definitely in good hands with Flightstore.

Discover a wide selection of IFR training equipment online at Flightstore today and enjoy competitive prices and great delivery offers. For more training software and equipment make sure you take a look at our selection of aviation books, including air pilot manuals.

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Overcasters View-limiting Device
  £17.50 ex VAT: £14.58
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Instrument Flying Spectacles (Foggles)
  £15.95 ex VAT: £13.29
Jiffy Hood
  £14.95 ex VAT: £12.46
Rubber Instrument Suction Cover
  £4.99 ex VAT: £4.16
Instrument Paper Panel Covers
  £5.99 ex VAT: £4.99
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