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Jeppesen ATPL Manuals

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Jeppesen ATPL Manuals

Flightstore want to guide you throughout your entire aviation career, whether you’re just starting out or are about to test for the Airline Transports Pilots License. We have available a large selection of authorised ATPL manuals from Jeppesen, which cover the areas of study you will need to prove your expertise in before being granted the ATPL. Jeppesen ATPL study resources are the gold standard when it comes to preparing for the ATPL qualification and have a staunch, time-tested record of helping pilots achieve their potential and master required module areas. Jeppesen ATPL manuals are ‘must-haves’ for any pilot working towards earning the ATPL.

An overview of the Airline Transports Pilots License (ATPL)

The ATPL is the highest pilot qualification you can earn on your way to becoming a fully-qualified pilot in command and grants those who have earned it the ability to:

  • Act as a pilot in command on board an aircraft in carrier service
  • Act as a pilot in command of an aircraft with a total max gross weight of 5, 700 KG, and/or over 9 passenger seats.
  • Act as commander of an aircraft for pay (otherwise known as valuable consideration in accordance with the ATPL regulations)
  • Act as the commander of a multi-crew aircraft, in an aircraft for which they are already qualified.

For a complete look at the ATPL materials we offer at Flightstore, head on over to our dedicated ATPL department for an overview of our outstanding ATPL pilot training resources.