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LED Lenser X7R Rechargeable LED Torch Black

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Product Summary

The LED Lenser X7R's luminous flux of up to 500 lumens can either be concentrated as a search light beam or used for close up work. 500 Lumens of light output
Size 17cm, Beam Distance - 320m

The LED Lenser X7R is a spectacular, rechargeable flashlight with an innovative charging system. Two synchronised reflector lenses (X-LENS Technology) give the flashlight a design that amazes as a result of the exemplary stylistic language and state of the art technology. The flashlight has a focusing system based on the patented Advanced Focus System and is operated by a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. The LED Lenser X7R's luminous flux of up to 500 lumens can either be concentrated as a search light beam or used for close up work as its light can create a bright circle of up to 45 metres in diameter.

The charger is a real technological sensation. The flashlight "floats" under the charger. FCS: Floating Charge System - the system is handy, eye catching and provides a high level of operational safety. Additionally, with the unique USB connection option the user can charge off a laptop while traveling - no messy wires, or separate battery removal and replacing.

LED Lenser X Series -
The X Series offers lamps for those who like superlatives. Particularly the focusable X21 shows the striking light output that can be created by employing seven chips. With this lamp, illumining large areas and achieving impressive ranges are child-s play.

LED Lenser Advanced Focus System -
Traditionally light focusing systems have consisted of either a lens, or a reflector. Lenses have the advantage of emitting a homogenous light pattern for distances almost 70% of the light is scattered and lost.

Conversely, while reflectors do a better job of capturing a higher percentage of light for long distances, when they are used for up close reading scattered light causes "rings" and "holes" in the light pattern leading to eye fatigue.

In both these cases, the lumen count (brightness) loses its validity as light is misdirected and wasted. That's why we decided to try something different.

If you pull together the strengths of the lens and reflector into one combined system, you achieve clear, homogeneous light spill for up close reading and a sharply focused beam for long distance viewing.

This is exactly what we've done with the Advanced Focus System (AFS); a unique and patented lens/reflector optic. AFS means reading the map up close is easy on the eyes and then focusing to find the path or landmark in the distance, clear and bright.

LED Lenser Floating Charge System - 
The Floating Charge System is based on a new principle. Due to the magnetic charge socket, the flashlight seems to hover in its mounting. The magnetic contact makes for convenient charging, while the lamp remains easily accessible.

In contrast to conventional charging systems, storage batteries need not be removed. Unreliable and delicate charging plugs are a thing of the past - thanks to wear free magnetic contacts.

LED Lenser X-LENS Technology -
An industry first, X-Lens Technology combines multiple LED's into one seamlessly projected beam of light. Add to that an optimised heat synching system that enables us to drive our LED'ss harder and you get unprecedented output from common batteries and in handheld sizes.

Each LED is projected though our patented Advanced Focus System, the unique lens/reflector combination that concentrates the light by using the strengths of a reflector for long distance and those of a lens for close up. When you put the power of multiple LED's through this unique concentration process, the output sets even greater bars to entry. Beyond that, you have the ability to take the light from a long distance spot with power and reach, to an extremely clean, easy to read by close up beam and all points in between.


- LED: 2 x high end power LED's
- Lumens: 500
- Beam distance: 320m
- Burn time: 7.5h
- Focus: advanced system with speed focus (spot/flood) & locking function
- On/Off: barrel end switch (8 modes)
- Energy tank: 8.1Wh
- Power supply: 1 x Li-ion 3.7V battery (included)

Features -

- X-LENS technology
- 2 x high end power LED's
- Speed focus (with locking function) & advanced focus system
- Smart light technology (smart LED protection)
- 2 energy modes (energy saving/constant current)
- 3 light programs (professional/easy/defence strobe)
- 8 light functions (low power/power/SOS/defence strobe/dim/morse tactical task/blink/position)
- Lamp head with reflector lens (for stageless transition from spot to flood beam)
- High end heat sink technology
- Floating charge system 
- Low battery message system (constantly checks the battery charge condition & informs you in due time when a change is needed)
- Matte black finish
- Aircraft grade aluminium end cap (splash proof)
- Aircraft grade aluminium body (splash proof)
- Hard gold plated electrical contacts (corrosion resistant)
- Anti roll design
- Intelligent 360° belt clip for hands free use (included)
- Carabiner attachment (included)
- Lanyard attachment (included)
- UK mains charger system (included) 
- Wall mount bracket/charging cradle (included)
- Knurled grip
- Lanyard hole

Size & Weight -

- Length: 171mm | 17.1cm
- Weight: 8.46oz | 240g

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