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Convenience & Personal equipment

Flightstore offers a selection of essential pilot convenience and personal products designed to make life on your aircraft more comfortable. When you are in the air you need to ensure that everything you need is close at hand and this extends to personal items such as portable urinals and sick bags. Both pilots and passengers will benefit from having these convenience items available to them, plus with great online prices you can ensure that you can stock up without breaking the bank. Browse the full range at Flightstore today to discover a fantastic variety of pilot supplies including medical kits and binoculars.

Whether you are looking for ear plugs, portable urinals or disposable travel toilets, we offer everything you need to put your mind at ease whilst in the skies. Each of the items within the range is high quality, practical and designed to ‘do the job’. If you have any questions about any of the items in our convenience & personal range please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Flightstore team.

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Restop Disposable Travel Toilet (2 Pack)
  £7.95 ex VAT: £6.63
Travel John 3 Pack Disposable Urinal
  £9.95 ex VAT: £8.29
Little John Portable Urinal
  £9.50 ex VAT: £7.92
Lady J Adaptor for Little John
  £8.50 ex VAT: £7.08
E.A.R. Classic ear plugs in yellow
  £0.75 ex VAT: £0.63
E.Z Fit Earplugs with cord
  £1.00 ex VAT: £0.83
Pressure Regulating Earplugs - Childrens
  £5.95 ex VAT: £4.96
Convenience Sick Bag - Pack of 10
  £1.50 ex VAT: £1.25
Motion Sickness Homeopathic Tablets
  £9.50 ex VAT: £7.92
Quease-Ease Quickie Motion Sickness Remedy - 2 Pack
  £9.50 ex VAT: £7.92
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