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Flight Training DVDs & Pilot Training DVDs

Whether you are currently training to be a pilot or are a fan of the mechanics and theory that drives aviation, Flightstore offers a wide selection of flight training DVDs available to buy online today. As the world of technology has moved forward, so has the world of aviation and we currently have a selection of the best sought after flight training DVDs that are ideal for pilots currently in study, or pilots looking to brush up on a certain aspect of their knowledge. From PPL training to instrument training, the pilot training DVD range covers a wide range of topics with popular training DVDs from brands such as Jeppeson and ASA. Browse the full collection online today and enjoy free UK delivery on all orders over £90. As part of a comprehensive course of study, flight training DVDs are an essential tool for those embarking on pilot training. Our training DVDs for pilots cover everything from takeoff, to landing, and everything in between. Every pilot must have a working knowledge of aviation law and aerodynamics therefore these comprehensive training DVDs are the perfect learning resource for those starting any form of pilot or instructor training.

We also have flight training DVDs which will allow you to take virtual tests at your own pace, to get a feel for the areas in which you’re strongest, and to identify focus areas, helping you prepare for the real thing. With such a varied curriculum, it is easy to find the essential flight training DVD for yourself or as a gift for a pilot studying to earn their wings. Fans of aircrafts past and present will enjoy our selection of aircraft DVDs.

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How to Fly A Plane DVD
  £29.95 ex VAT: £24.96
The Complete JAR PPL Flying Course DVD
  £128.95 ex VAT: £107.46
The Complete JAR PPL Skill Test DVD
  £74.95 ex VAT: £62.46
The Complete JAR Instrument Rating DVD
  £149.95 ex VAT: £124.96
Weather Whys DVD
  £24.00 ex VAT: £20.00
The Complete Airline Pilot Interview Course DVD
  £44.50 ex VAT: £37.08
Jeppesen Chart Training DVD
  £89.95 ex VAT: £74.96
Virtual Test Prep - Private Pilot DVD
  £100.00 ex VAT: £83.33
Virtual Test Prep - Instrument Rating DVD
  £140.00 ex VAT: £116.67
Virtual Test Prep - Helicopters DVD
  £35.00 ex VAT: £29.17
Proficient Flying DVD from Barry Schiff
  £39.95 ex VAT: £33.29
Safe Hand Propping DVD
  £11.95 ex VAT: £9.96
Advanced Aerodynamics DVD
  £16.99 ex VAT: £14.16
Aviation Physiology DVD
  £32.99 ex VAT: £27.49
CFIT Awarness & Prevention DVD
  £16.99 ex VAT: £14.16
CRM, Exploring the Human Element DVD
  £16.99 ex VAT: £14.16
Flight Review DVD
  £16.99 ex VAT: £14.16
Metar / Taf DVD
  £16.99 ex VAT: £14.16
FITS FAA Industry Training Standards DVD
  £32.99 ex VAT: £27.49
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