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Flight Simulation Accessories, Mice & Keyboards

Once you’ve set up your rig, and found the perfect immersive flight sim software, it’s time to think seriously about adding dedicated flight simulation accessories to your set-up.

Cutting edge gaming keyboards and mice - perfect for flight simulation

Flightstore offer a range of flight simulation accessories, such as dedicated keyboards & mice designed specifically for flight simulation gaming. If you are looking to update your gaming hardware or are looking to create your own tailor made flight simulation kit, keyboards and mice are an essential purchase. Gaming mice are designed to give the user full control during their sessions, from laser sensors to adaptable grips; these mice have the power to mould to your own personal gaming style, through configuring customisable macros, and taking advantage of a varying DPI, you can completely control your flight simulation experience with our flight sim accessories.. We currently offer a selection of flight simulation mice from Saitek, a leading name in flight simulation and gaming technology. Whether you require a wired or a wireless model, we have you covered with our first-rate flight simulation accessories.


Flight simulation keyboards are equally as important and we currently offer everything from a simple model for pure gaming to a fully customisable model that aims to enhance overall gaming comfort. Quick response, backlit keys will give you the advantage in the air, and offer users the opportunity to customise key strings for the ultimate in advanced flight simulation tactics. For more high quality flight simulation products to combine with your new flight sim accessories, why not take a look at our selection of flight simulation controls and head tracking systems?

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Saitek Cyborg RAT 7 Gaming Mouse
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Saitek Cyborg RAT 5 Gaming Mouse
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Mad Catz GLIDE 5 Gaming Surface
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Mad Catz GLIDE 3 Gaming Surface
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GoFlight Coloured Caps Kit
  £30.00 ex VAT: £25.00
GoFlight Cable Organiser Kit
  £30.00 ex VAT: £25.00
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