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Flight Simulation Avionics

Flight simulation avionics panels are responsible for the management of hundreds of systems fitted to an aircraft to allow it to perform individual functions. Here at Flightstore we offer a selection of avionic panels from top name brands including Saitek, VRInsight, GoFlight and Thrustmaster. With everything from full avionics panels to separate audio, transponder and navigation module, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a pilot in training, an instructor or simply a fan of the world of aviation, avionics panels are an integral part of flight simulation.

With competitive prices and fantastic delivery options, Flightstore are the UK’s leading supplier of high quality pilot supplies and the selection of Flight simulation avionics panels are no exception. Browse and buy online today, don’t forget to check out our other flight simulation products including a selection of consoles & integrated systems.  

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Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel
  £79.95 ex VAT: £66.63
GoFlight T8-1 Toggle Switch Module
  £115.00 ex VAT: £95.83
GoFlight P8 Push Button Module
  £105.00 ex VAT: £87.50
GoFlight RP48 Push Button Rotary
  £145.00 ex VAT: £120.83
Saitek Pro Flight Radio Panel
  £119.95 ex VAT: £99.96
GoFlight ATC Air Traffic Communication Module
  £145.00 ex VAT: £120.83
Saitek Pro Flight Multi Panel
  £119.95 ex VAT: £99.96
GoFlight Warning Panel Module
List: £185.00 Save: £60.00 ex VAT: £50.00 Now £125.00 ex VAT: £104.17
Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panel
  £119.95 ex VAT: £99.96
GoFlight MESM Multi Engine Start Module
  £135.00 ex VAT: £112.50
Elite AP-4000 CRS/HDG Bug Module
  £350.00 ex VAT: £291.67
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