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Pilot Flight Gloves & Flying Gloves

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Flight gloves are a staple of aviation equipment and apparel, and are constructed from specialised materials to offer pilots a number of benefits, such as enhanced touch and resistance against fire and heat. Our V:One Nomex pilot gloves are modelled to US military specifications and have been expertly constructed from quality materials. These flying gloves are heat resistant to 400 F, and are highly recommended for pilots of all aircraft types. Our RAF flying gloves for pilots are engineered from high-quality leather and with unmatched finger contouring, offering pilots a superb level of transmitted feel behind the controls, so that you can make the finest adjustments in the air with ease and comfort.

We also stock flying gloves which have seen previous use, but remain in outstanding condition We call these ‘slight seconds’, as although these flight gloves do have cosmetic signs of wear, they perform just as brilliantly as any new pair. These pilot gloves are available at a reduced price, and you won’t find this kind of practical offer anywhere else than with us at Flightstore - as we shape our selections around providing pilots around the world with the products they’ll need to rely on time and time again.

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