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American Optical Original Pilot Aviator - Black

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Product Summary

The AO Original Pilot has been the official eyewear of the US Air Force for sixty years. Now these famous aviator sunglasses are available in 3 frame colours, in 3 sizes in a choice of lens colours. See below for the benefits of each of the mineral glass colours.

The AO Original Pilot has been the official eyewear of the US Air Force for sixty years. It was indeed in 1958, at the request of the US Air Force, that American Optical developed the solar Flight Google 58 (HGU-4P), later known as the Original Pilot. It replaces the American Optical aviator G2 which was then fitted to American pilots during the Second World War.

  • Original Pilot aviator sunglasses developed in 1958 by American Optical under the code name HGU-4 / P
  • Sold with their case and the certificate of origin "Made in USA"
  • "AO" marking on the left glass
  • Mineral glasses with anti-scratch treatment, 98% UVA 100% UVB protection
  • Bayonet frames great for pilots wearing headsets
  • Adjustable silicone pads
  • Complies with European CE standards

True Colour Grey Glass Lens - 
Worn by Military Pilots and NASA astronauts, this lens provides true color reception allowing all colors to come through naturally without distortion.
Best for bright overhead sunlight.

True Colour Green Glass Lens
A relaxing green tint that filters color for reduced eye fatigue and provides exceptional contrast for crisp viewing. Brightens shadows and reduces glare.
Best for aviation and driving as reduces eye fatigue

Cosmetan Brown Lens
A stylish brown tint suitable for all conditions that helps enhance your depth perception and is good for sporadic cloud cover.
Best for all general uses

Polarized lenses
These full glass lenses have polarized anti-scratch mineral coatings with a filter that suppresses these reflections that cause discomfort and visual inaccuracy. This technology is also very nice for nautical activities. It eliminates the parasitic reflections on the water.
Best for reducing reflections but NOT SUITABLE for glass cockpits, GPS / iPad screens etc as when the reflection is removed you cannot see what is on the screen.

Sizing Guide



To choose the size of your Original Pilot or your General place yourself in front of a mirror and measure with a rule the distance of your temples.

For a gap of 115 to 127 mm: Size 52 mm
For a gap of 128 to 140 mm: Height 55 mm
For a difference of 141 to 152 mm: Size 57 mm and 58 mm


AO and aviator glasses

American Optical was under a military contract in November 1941 for its model aviator D1 glasses created in 1935 and for the aviator G2, codenamed AN 6531 which will replace it very quickly in 1942. The aviator G2 was then the only and unique pair aviator glasses supplied to the US Air Force during the WW2

The development of the Original Pilot in 1958

It was at the request of the US Air Force that American Optical developed the HGU-4 / P, better known as the Original Pilot. The goal is then to replace the G2, become obsolete given the technological developments. The original pilot will initially be produced for US Army pilots to provide maximum protection, optical performance and comfort. 

The standard nose bridge of 20 mm then allowing the wearing of the gas mask, the right branches called "bayonnet" facilitating the wearing of the helmet and thus avoiding possible injury to the ears in case of crash.

The first glasses on the moon

The Original Pilot were the first glasses on the moon. They were carried by Commander Neil Armstrong and the crew of Apollo 11 on July 21, 1969. A historic copy resides for this purpose at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

Modern conflicts

Through the new conflicts the Original Pilot seduce all the US troops, whether through the infantry, the pilots of the cavalry in Viet Nam and of course the pilots of the Air Force. Even today the Original Pilot is entirely manufactured and assembled in the factory of Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA and remain under military contract.

Subsequently, the Original Pilot ® became cult thanks to many actors like Robert De Niro in the role of Travis Bickle in "Taxi Driver", Robert Duvall in the role of Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore in "Apocalypse Now" or more recently with Jon Hamm as Don Draper in the series "Mad Men".

More than just a fashion brand

In the fashion industry, trends and patterns come and go. Sometimes a style is back for a short time. The AO Original Pilot as for them cross the time and the epochs because of their classic lines and their own style which they knew how to invent. Their design is also mixed making it a choice mount for women and men who adore the elegant style of aviator sunglasses. At AO Eyewear we are committed to defending the values established by the founders of the company to continue producing the highest quality eyewear, the test of time, 

100% Made in USA





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