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Want To Learn To Fly? Here’s 8 Things To Consider First

Not only is it challenging, rewarding and without a doubt fun, learning to fly can be turned into a career as well as a hobby. With the ability to set your own schedule, many find that flying is a much more cost effective mode of transport, from a business perspective flying to meetings allows you to fit more into one working day. But what really should you consider before you commit to such an expensive qualification? Here at Flightstore we want to make sure you make the right choice before... Read More

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Four Reasons to get on board with Flight Simulation during training

We’ve all dreamt of being at the controls in the cockpit of a plane, soaring through the clouds and mastering the skies at speed – taking in iconic landscapes and being awed by the scope of the earth’s surface below. For most of us, it remains a dream, however that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to enjoy at least a slice of the action. Flight simulators virtually recreate the experience of flying through artificial means, and flight simulation programmes range from simple computer games, to full-on, immersive and lifelike conditions,... Read More

Fit to Fly Part 4: Medical Checklist

Fit to Fly Part 4: Medical Checklist Once of the most important aspects of PPL Training is the medical examination as all pilots must hold a valid medical certificate in order to fly. There are three different types of medicals 1. JAR Class 1 Medical (carried out at CAA Gatwick for commercial pilots) 2. JAR Class 2 Medical (requires a local CAA approved medical examiner) 3. NPPL Medical (can be carried out by your own GP) The type of PPL licence you choose to apply for determines which medical you... Read More