Flying Tips


Want To Learn To Fly? Here’s 8 Things To Consider First

Not only is it challenging, rewarding and without a doubt fun, learning to fly can be turned into a career as well as a hobby. With the ability to set your own schedule, many find that flying is a much more cost effective mode of transport, from a business perspective flying to meetings allows you to fit more into one working day. But what really should you consider before you commit to such an expensive qualification? Here at Flightstore we want to make sure you make the right choice before... Read More


Debunking three of the most common myths about commercial flight

Whether clickbait articles, scaremongers or well-meaning, but ill-informed frequent flyers; there exists a seemingly endless list of rumours, myths, conspiracies, half-truths and outright lies about what happens, and what can happen during a commercial flight. Unfortunately, many of these myths and rumours are now commonplace and taken at face value, leading to unnecessary fear and apprehension about stepping on a plane. You can NOT open the emergency exit door during flight You’ve surely heard this one a number of times before, that the emergency exit doors on commercial flights can... Read More


How to overcome the fear of flying – Part 1

It’s one of the most common phobias, with estimates reporting that around 7% of the world’s population suffer from this affliction. It’s known clinically as ‘aerophobia’, and it has the potential to prevent a person from travelling, whether for leisurely jet setting or visiting out of town family members & loved ones, a deeply problematic and upsetting dilemma. Here at Flightstore, we want to share with you some of the most effective, tried-and-tested methods for combating this fear, in a series of posts to help you take control of your... Read More