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Thanks for your votes!

Thank you for voting for your favourite entry in our latest competition! We recently gave you the chance to win a David Clark Headset and the chance for your image to be featured on the front cover of pilot catalogue. We were really impressed with the number of entries that were submitted and we liked seeing all of you in the skies or on the tarmac. With that being said, we have shortlisted our favourite images that you can see below. Stay tuned and see who the winner of the... Read More


Model Aircraft Scales Explained

If you’re interested in kick-starting your model aircraft hobby but are unsure where to start when it comes to the vast range of different scales and sizes then we want to make things as easy as possible for you in starting on this journey! Model aeroplanes are a fantastic pastime, allowing you to reap the benefits of the original aircraft’s beauty in the comfort of your own space. The intricate details displayed on the aircrafts are of an elite standard and are perfect for putting on display to make maximum... Read More

15 longest flights in the world 13/08/2019

The 15 Longest Flights In The World

There’s a noticeable trend in the airline industry over the past few years towards ultra long haul flights. While many of these long-haul flights wouldn’t have been possible only a few years ago, airlines now seem to be competing to offer the longest, ultra long haul flights available.  If you’re interested in knowing more about ultra long haul flights, our blog is a great place to start! We’ll look at how ultra long haul flights are possible, how much distance the longest flights in the world cover, and what might... Read More

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Celebrating Boeing’s Centennial with Flightstore

Since their foundation on July 15th, 1916, Boeing began to set the standards for all things aviation. Continually soaring over barriers and redefining the industry of air travel, Boeing is head and shoulders above the field, and can deservedly claim to be the number one aerospace force worldwide. With innovative aircrafts across a range of fields – defense & military, spaceflight, and commercial; Boeing’s products are the result of a time-tested successful approach of demanding each engineer, scientist and technician go above and beyond to reshape the future of the... Read More


Boeing 737 MAX’s Maiden Flight is a roaring success!

Two years after the official Boeing YouTube channel launched their introductory video for the 5th-generation 737 MAX, we’ve at last witnessed the maiden journey of this eagerly-awaited aircraft, which took off as  scheduled, on the 29th January. What’s New? Boeing’s official company line revolves around promoting the 737 MAX’s efficiency, and that’s a buzzword you’ll hear whenever they talk about the latest entry to the 737 line. It’s definitely not just a load of hot air, though, the Boeing 737 MAX is expected to walk the walk, figuratively speaking, once... Read More


Tracey Curtis-Taylor touches down as tribute to Amy Johnson complete.

Here at Flightstore we previously looked at some key milestones in the history of aviation, and noted that as the sheer scope of the subject covers such a staggering amount of heroes, iconic aircrafts and records, it was inevitable for there to be key omissions. One such milestone we weren’t able to touch upon was the 1930 flight of British female pilot, (or in the vernacular of the time ‘aviatrix) Amy Johnson, who successfully flew solo halfway around the world from Croydon to Darwin, Australia – covering 11, 000 intercontinental... Read More


The biggest UK Airshows of 2016

2016 is set to be the best year yet for UK airshows. We’re all set to welcome back some of the most popular airshows, parades and conventions, as well as welcome in some UK airshows set to debut in 2016. There are a whole host of events to look forward to, up and down the UK this year, and here at Flightstore we want to make sure you don’t miss out. Make sure to share this infographic with other aviation enthusiasts to ensure that nobody misses out on these absolutely... Read More


Weird But True Aviation Facts

If you like your facts weird and wonderful, we have collected some of the most unbelievable facts from the world of aviation for our latest infographic. Whether you have discovered a love for aviation through fashion from brands like Alpha Industries or have always found it fascinating, these facts will amaze you! From money saving moves to an eating habit that will definitely leave you scratching your head, when it comes to the bizarre – you only have to look to the skies!  


Women In Aviation – Infographic

With more and more women taking to the cockpit we have looked at some of the key moments for women in aviation. From Amelia Earhart to Liu Yang, this infographic shows that when it comes to aircraft, it is definitely not just a mans world. Here at Flightstore, although we pride ourselves on selling the best Pilot Shirts, Alpha Industries UK and Aviator Sunglasses around, we also love celebrating key moments in aviation history and our latest infographic is definitely an eye opener for those that associate the world of... Read More