Christmas Gifts For Him

The time has finally come – Christmas is upon us, and here at Flightstore, we have a range of Christmas gifts which the flying enthusiast in your life will go crazy for. Whether you are searching for an aviation gift that he can wear, use in the sky or something which he can use every day we have you covered. This is our festive guide for the man in your life who loves aviation and flying. You should browse through our range of airplane Christmas ornaments here at Flightstore today... Read More


Weird But True Aviation Facts

If you like your facts weird and wonderful, we have collected some of the most unbelievable facts from the world of aviation for our latest infographic. Whether you have discovered a love for aviation through fashion from brands like Alpha Industries or have always found it fascinating, these facts will amaze you! From money saving moves to an eating habit that will definitely leave you scratching your head, when it comes to the bizarre – you only have to look to the skies!  


Women In Aviation – Infographic

With more and more women taking to the cockpit we have looked at some of the key moments for women in aviation. From Amelia Earhart to Liu Yang, this infographic shows that when it comes to aircraft, it is definitely not just a mans world. Here at Flightstore, although we pride ourselves on selling the best Pilot Shirts, Alpha Industries UK and Aviator Sunglasses around, we also love celebrating key moments in aviation history and our latest infographic is definitely an eye opener for those that associate the world of... Read More


Top Gifts for Aviation Lovers

Finding the right pilot gift can be tricky; this is why we have put together a dedicated aviation gifts section that offers everything you could possibly need to put a smile on the face of the pilot in your life. Whether you are looking for a fun novelty item or something sentimental, we have handpicked some of the finest gifts available to buy online today. Cufflinks If you are celebrating a birthday, promotion or other life milestone, what better way to mark it than with a pair of cufflinks? Pilots... Read More


How to Pick Your Perfect Pilot Headset

The headset is one of the most important items that a pilot needs when in the cockpit therefore it is important that your chosen pair matches your individual needs. Whether you fly professionally or as a hobby, Flightstore offer a range of headsets from top name brands such as Sennheiser and David Clark to buy online. If you are looking to upgrade your current set or are planning on purchasing your first pair, follow our top tips to find the perfect match. The actual noise technology used within your headphones... Read More

Fit to Fly Part 4: Medical Checklist

Fit to Fly Part 4: Medical Checklist Once of the most important aspects of PPL Training is the medical examination as all pilots must hold a valid medical certificate in order to fly. There are three different types of medicals 1. JAR Class 1 Medical (carried out at CAA Gatwick for commercial pilots) 2. JAR Class 2 Medical (requires a local CAA approved medical examiner) 3. NPPL Medical (can be carried out by your own GP) The type of PPL licence you choose to apply for determines which medical you... Read More

Fit to Fly Part 3: Do Your Homework

With 7 exams to prepare for, it is important that you have all of your bases covered when it comes to studying for your Private Pilot’s License. The 7 exams cover a range of aviation topics, from general principles of flight to communications. Once the first exam in the series is successfully completed, the following 6 exams must be taken within 18 months. After they are all completed they remain valid for two years, if a pilot licence is not issued within this time then the exams must be retaken.... Read More

Fit to Fly Part 2: Practice Makes Perfect

If you have decided to take advantage of one of the many Civil Aviation Authority approved PPL Training course in the UK, you may be wondering exactly what you have let yourself in for. Forget memories of Top Gun, the only 80’s motivational music you will be hearing is from your iPod as you sit studying for one of your 7 written exams. A professional PPL Training course is not all study; many of the top organisations combine practical and theoretical lessons to ensure that when the time comes, you... Read More

Fit to Fly: Are you ready for PPL Training?

Have you ever sat on a plane and imagined what it would be like to actually sit at the controls? For many people the thought of taking to the skies in their own plane is the ultimate goal, however the closest many people get to an actual cockpit is requesting seats in row A during a flight. If you are serious about sitting in the pilot’s seat and flying your own plane, you can acquire your Private Pilot’s Licence in the UK. In our new blog series we look at... Read More

A start to regular posts!

June 12th, 2012 Hello and welcome to Flightstore! It has been almost two months since the launch of our new site and we hope you are enjoying the new easy to use features. Please feel free to leave us a comment if you are. As many of our customers know, we are highly skilled and knowledgeable within the industry and are able to offer advice and guidance on a whole range of products including flight simulation software. For first time visitors to Flightstore please take advantage of this awareness and... Read More