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Playsims Publishing Mustang Collection

Code: SM2472
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Product Summary

This monster title features 20 versions of the powerful P51-D Mustang in some of the most exacting detail ever created for Flight Simulator FSX

North American-s Classic Icon the P-51 takes to the skies with 20 aircraft from a unique series of sets specially designed for FSX, featuring THE most accurate modeling and performance of this iconic aircraft ever made for simulation bar none!

Award winning developers Warbirds Sim bring you this bumbper package of PC Pilot's classic award 20 aircraft into one single package. Purchased seperately this would be worth well over £100 but the complete set inlcuding full printed manual is availble on one disc.

Wartime P-51s were the-Little Friends- the affectionate name given by Bomber crews when esorted on raids to their targets.

The D model is modelled in its original form. Featuring an extremely accurate researched and modelled Gunbay with ammunition shoots and indivudual built shells.

Recreated to match all of the exact original factory specifications.

With the P-51D-5-NA version, the N-9 reflector gun sight is fitted, with P-51B-style instrument panel, fabric elevators no dorsal fin fillet.

Featured are removable exhaust shrouds. 75-gallon drop tanks that can be added/removed and released, and a working automatic supercharger with engine damage effects (Acceleration only). A simulated collimated gun sight reticle, in conjunction with the N-9 reflector gun sight, as installed on all early-model P-51Ds.

Also featured are restored examples as they fly today across the world featuring some of the finest restorations of the breed!

The earliest versions featured are the P-51B/C & Mustang III. These are the early birdcage canopied versions with the high rear fuselage.


P-51 Mustangs in the pack

  • P-51D-15-NA -The Millie G-
  • P-51D-15-NA -Baby Duck-
  • P-51D-20-NA -Big Beautiful Doll-
  • P-51D-25-NA -The Enchantress-
  • P-51D-5-NA -Donald Duck-
  • P-51D-5-NA  -Cripes A- Mighty 3rd-
  • P-51D-5-NA  -Lou IV/Athelene-
  • P-51D-5-NA  -The Comet-
  • P-51D-30-NA -Happy Jack-s Go Buggy-
  • F-6D-25-NT -Lil- Margaret-
  • P-51K-10NT -Fragile But Agile-
  • P-51D-25NT -NACA 127-
  • P-51D-20NA -Jumpin Jacques-
  • P-51D-25NA USAF FF-704
  • Cavalier Mk.II -It-s About Time-
  • P-51D-25NA -Moose/Candyman-
  • P-51B    -Ding Hao!-
  • P-51B    -Old Crow-
  • P-51-C--Princess Elizabeth-
  • Mustang Mk.III 133 Wing FB-38



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