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Flightstore have available a wide range of quality aviation textiles and towels, including tea towels, beach towels, throws and cushions. Decorate your home with our aviation themed textiles, which would make a great addition to any living area. Flightstore’s collection of towels feature iconic maps, charts of famous aircrafts, as well as gorgeous designs, such as those from Alpha Industries. We have aviation themed textiles and towels from Gifts for Aviators, Alpha Industries, in addition to outstanding entries from the Little Snoring design team, who are renowned for producing some of the most brilliant aviation themed tea towels.

As with all items across our entire aviation gifts departments, our aviation themed textiles and towels would make for a practical gift for any pilot or aviation enthusiast, and would be appreciated as a useful addition to any pilot’s luggage. If you’re looking for even more fantastic aviation gifts, or gifts for pilots, head on over to browse Flightstore’s selection of aviation themed toiletries and utility bags for pilots.

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Classic Aviation Blanket / Throw
  £49.95 ex VAT: £41.63
P-40 Warhawk Fighter Blanket/Throw
  £59.95 ex VAT: £49.96
Bi-Plane Aviation Filled Cushion
  £21.50 ex VAT: £17.92
Lockheed Aircraft Filled Cushion
  £21.50 ex VAT: £17.92
Doormat - A Pilot and a Normal Person Live Here
  £28.00 ex VAT: £23.33
Aviator Vintage Style Cushion
  £12.50 ex VAT: £10.42
Runway Hallway Runner Mat
  £59.95 ex VAT: £49.96
P-51 Mustang Filled Cushion
  £34.00 ex VAT: £28.33
Doormat - Arrivals and Departures
  £35.00 ex VAT: £29.17
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