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Flightstore Real Air Lancair Legacy

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Product Summary

The Legacy is a gorgeous, fast, fully IFR equipped tourer that is also capable of light aerobatics. It is the ultimate general aviation sport plane offering harmonised, lively yet stable handling and an unsurpassed view from the pillarless bubble canopy

The Legacy is a gorgeous, fast, fully IFR equipped tourer that is also capable of light aerobatics. It is the ultimate general aviation sport plane offering harmonised, lively yet stable handling and an unsurpassed view from the pillarless bubble canopy. The panel fitout is comprehensive meaning this aircraft is not just about having fun - it can be used for serious IFR work with a full suite of mechanical IFR gauges, Bendix King KFC225 Autopilot and the option to add one or two Reality XP Garmin GNS units to the radio stack.

When you buy the Legacy you can rest assured that we have the best reputation for customer support in the industry. Our sales are swiftly processed with 128 bit security by one of the leading secure ecommerce agents in the world-SWREG. You will receive a download link within minutes after completing the credit card transaction, so after purchase you can be flying literally within minutes!

When we build an aircraft we build it with the hope that you will love it for years to come. We believe that the more you fly our aircraft, the more the finer points and the second-to-none attention to detail will reveal themselves. When you buy a RealAir plane you can be sure it-s a plane from which you-ll receive many years of simming pleasure.

Flight Modelling

Our aircraft have always been known for having the best flight modelling in the business and the Legacy is no exception. This would have to be one of the most enjoyable FSX aircraft available. It-s not just a pretty face, there is a depth of detail that will keep you coming back again and again, for years to come. Of course our trademark best in the business spins and side slips are present but every detail of the modelling will impress - from the fluid, lively yet smooth way it responds to the controls, to the beautifully controlled pitch when approaching and flying through the stall, or while flaring for that perfect touchdown.

Graphics that are real as it gets

We pride ourselves on making cockpits that have that special something. We don-t just create graphics that look like the real thing, we take a serious approach to user interface design in order to create the most enjoyable, intuitive and life-like experience possible. All of the gauges and switches are functional and intuitive to use. The graphics are crystal clear and remain well lit in all lighting conditions. All gauges move with infinite smoothness and thanks to the clarity of the textures IFR flight can be flown while zoomed right in to the gauges for complete control. The lighting works in both the day and the night, and complete, detailed night lighting has been included. The spinning propeller is not just a flat disc - it is three dimensional - you can actually see the twist in the spinning blades from the sides as well as the front. The main exterior and VC textures are high definition 2048 pixel textures providing crystal clear jaggy free graphics even when zoomed right in. The 3D shapes are smooth and flowing, there is no evidence of jagged polygons.

The exterior has been modelled in its entirety in VC view, meaning TrackIR users can pop their heads outside the cockpit, or walk around the entire aircraft. Likewise in exterior view, the entire cockpit has been modelled so you can look into the cockpit from outside and see every gauge working as it should. There is an option to use simpler, lower polygon exterior models if desired to improve multiplayer performance.

The legacy has been designed with multiplayer-friendly coding and multi-LOD exterior models to provide good performance during multiplayer sessions


Feature List

™ Trademark best-of-business flight modeling with improved spins, sideslips, aerobatics and superb handling, as well as extremely stable autopilot control.

™ Beautifully designed interiors with smooth lines, crystal clear gauges, subtle reflections and all controls animated.

™ Exterior and interior models now integrated for best experience with camera addons and track IR.

™ High resolution multi-LOD exterior 3D models with optional frame rate friendly versions for multiplayer sessions.

™ Optional RXP GNS WAAS gauge integration (RXP gauges are a separate purchase from Reality XP).

™ RXP configurations include: 1 x GNS530, 1 x GNS430 + 1 x GNS530. If you have the RXP Unlimited pack you can also choose 2 x GNS530, 2 x GNS430 or 1 x GNS530 + 1 x GNS430, all with crossfill.

™ Airframe vibrates in reaction to engine rpm changes, gear and spoiler deployment, runway surfaces, engnine startyp/shutdown and mishandling.

™ Gauge needles that vibrate on the ground in response to engine and ground roll vibrations.

™ Nearly 100 Custom sounds, including all cockpit switches, G effects, canopy-open windblast, gear, aileron flutter, doppler fly past etc.

™ Flap Failure mode with custom animations and sound effects.

™ Belly landing capability for gear up landings.

™ Grass or concrete touchdown sounds option.

™ Full multiplayer support with low latency and efficient coding for multiplayer sessions.

™ Yaw and out-of-balance yaw sound effects.

™ Carefully implemented start up and shutdown animations and sounds.

™ Full IFR capability - or fly by the seat of your pants!

™ Custom 3D landing lights, navigation lights and strobe lights.

™ Dozens of custom animations including a canopy that realistically repsonds to wind force.

™ Control sticks and control surfaces that move in response to trim changes.

™ High detail skinned-mesh pilot.

™ Spoilers with custom wind sound effects and cockpit buffet effect.

™ Aileron flutter when flying above VNE with accompanying custom sounds.

™ Fully functioning cockpit when viewed from exterior view, plus the option of a less highly detailed model for multiplayer.

™ Multiple options for many of the above features.

™ 3D blurred propeller effect with custom animation that includes simulated cylinder compression of startup and shutdown.

™ 2048px "High Definition" VC and exterior textures.

™ Five unique liveries all with uniquely coloured virtual cockpits.

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