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  • Flight Training Cockpit Panel for Saitek Hardware
  • Flight Training Cockpit Panel for Saitek Hardware
  • Flight Training Cockpit Panel for Saitek Hardware
  • Flight Training Cockpit Panel for Saitek Hardware
  • Flight Training Cockpit Panel for Saitek Hardware

Flight Training Cockpit Panel for Saitek Hardware

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  • The Flight Training Cockpit - Advanced Panel offers a cockpit-realistic way to mount Saitek Pro Flight Simulation Instruments and Controls. 

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5.00 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
A Quality Product

This is such a well made product that your great great grand children could make use of it long after you have flown your last simulated flight.
The shape, openings and fixing holes have been cleanly pressed (not cut)out of sturdy 1/4" steel leaving no sharp edges. The finish is gloss black powder coating then fired in a kiln, a metal equivalent to glazing for pottery, insuring a fine non-chip surface.
It transforms ones screwed together stack of Saitek hardware into something solid and very nice to look at.
In my particular setup I have used the Hannspree 16" monitor (unfortunately not available from Flightstore) which is close to the price of one Flight Instrument panel and available from Amazon.
If you check the additional images of this product on this site my setup description will be clearer.
The monitor is mounted directly above and centre of the Cessna flight yoke. Above and centre of the monitor I have mounted the auto pilot panel and next to it on the right one flight instrument panel. In the three openings on the right hand side of the cockpit panel I have mounted the switch panel in the lowest place and two radio stacks on top of that. Directly to the right of the yoke I have the TPM box and have fixed the Cessna trim wheel to the bottom of the TPM box just below the throttle as opposed to using the remaining free space to the right of it. Not only does this put the trim wheel in a location similar to that of a real Cessna it also frees up one last location on the cockpit where I have fitted the TPM quadrant that comes with the yoke and use it for planes that have that configuration.
Not only does it look great it also provides a good deal more security and protection for your Saitek hardware than merely bolting all together on a table. Incidentally I bought a black coffee table in Argos which fits and matches in colour the whole thing beautifully price £14.99 Argos code 609/6290. The table is four inches too low so I bought four packs of six 2"diameter black caster wheel floor protectors, stacked and super-glued six together (4 times)and glued these to the bottom of the table legs with stick on anti-slip pads on the bottom, all for less than £5 including the glue in the pound shop.
Luckily for me , I have spent twenty seven years in construction so I didn't have much trouble putting it all together but I do see where difficulties lie. So if DIY is not your particular talent then I recommend getting a useful friend to help. You may well end up with a certain amount of empty fixing holes on the panel for several reasons and I suggest filling them in with the fixing bolts that come with the panel just for the sake of appearance.
I can assure you when you have got it all up and running you will be glad you bought it. It certainly enhance your flight sim experience and you will only ever have to buy it once because it is never going to break.
Hope this helps anybody considering the Flight Training Cockpit Panel for Saitek Hardware.
Happy Flying.